5 themes of geography

This Tackk will be about the 5 different themes of geography.


Movement has to do with the ways people, products, information, and ideas move from one place to another. How people travel to different places. An example is how ideas spread from person to person. The trucks that carry food products from store to store deal with movement.


An area defined by certain similar characteristic. The characteristics can be cultural, physical, or natural.


An area that is defined by everything in it. All places have characteristics that define them.


A location can be absolute or relative. If it is absolute then longitude and latitude lines are used. If it is relative then people use language like down the street or next to the store. Basically it is where a specific place is located.

Human-environment interaction

How people adapt to their environment and how they change it. The connection or relationship between humans and the environment. For example cutting down trees is an example of a human-environment interaction. In that case the humans affected the environment and changed it.

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