The Delicious Door  

By Shane Riley

If I had a magic door it would take me wherever I want to. I would love to go float in the middle of space because you’ll be so free, you wouldn't have any homework or parent’s telling you what to do or an a annoying sister and brother (even though my brother usually isn't annoying).I would just float around and it would be amazing I could see all of the star’s and the planet’s and maybe even a galaxy. The things that I would do there do back flips, front flips and float around and relax.

The door is made of food, all types of food. The reason why the door would be made of food because wherever I decide to go I can take food with me. A few places that I don’t want to go are The Fell Zone, the middle of the ocean and many more but if I say all of them you’ll be reading this all day.The pathway that leads to the door will be secret, the only person I will tell is you the location would be, the location will be covered with sand and it will be on a beach because I said it is going to covered in sand. The beach that the door will be located on is freshwater Beach because its one of my favourite beaches.

I think having my own magic door would be really cool because I can travel everywhere when if I didn't have a magic door and I’d rather have a magic door than be like everyone else and have to travel by plane, car, bus and train.

I think traveling through a magic door would be awesome because it would be like floating through all the places you need to pass before you actually get to your destination. Floating through the air would be amazing that is why I chose for me if had a magic door to do this.

Thank you for listening

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