Everyone's Fighting

American History 7th period Unit 2

Due December 12, 2014

Top ten

1. Boston Tea Party- Parliament put a tax on tea. Made the colonist really mad so the got on a ship and poured boxes of tea into the harbor.2. Stamp Act- Parliament put a tax on every single piece of paper and also was required to have King George sign on the corner of the paper.3. Declaration of Independence- Made 13 colonies free from British rule. Also called the Constitutional Congress.4. Sons of Liberty- In Boston they protested the stamp act. 5. The Coercive Act- It punished the british rebels. A lot of freedom the Boston people had was no longer available to them.6. Patriots- These were colonist that believed that British rule was getting out of hand. The patriots wanted to fight fir their freedom.7. Loyalist- They were loyal to King George rule. 8. First Continental Congress- Colonist should arm themselves from the British soldiers. 9. George Washington- A great war leader. 10. Sons of Liberty- Protested the Stamp Act.


The Stamp Act- Parliament set a tax on paper and the colonist were required to have King George III symbol on the corner of the paper.  1765

The Tea Act- Parliament raised tax on tea which made colonist mad.  So the colonist threw boxes of tea into the harbor. 1773

The Coercive Act- 342 men dressed up as native americans to dump tea in the harbor. 1774

Common Sense- Was a book Thomas Pain wrote for the common person so they could understand. 1776

Britain Declares war on France- The colonist were getting tired of the french so the declared war. 1778

Treaty of Paris- This ended the American Revolutionary War. 1783

Daniel Shay leads Group of Men- When the state legislature didn't listen to him a group a men attack which was called the Shays Rebellion. 1786

Constitution- Established a federal government. 1787

George Washington delivers the first state of the union address- Explained Washington's feeling towards government. 1790


  The first president of the United States was born on February 22, 1732. His name was George Washington. Our nations founding father. He was raised in Westmoreland, Virginia. Most historians do not know much about George Washington’s childhood. When George was 16 he traveled with a group of men to try to plot out where the Virginia western boarder lines are. In the 1750’s the governor of Virginia gave George the rank major in the Virginia militia. George’s first war he was in was the French and Indian war. When Washington was 23 years of age he was made commander of all Virginian troops. George Washington became the first president of the United States. He was the only president to receive 100% votes. George Washington’s Presidency lasted 8 years. When George wanted to leave office he wrote the “Farewell Address”. This address stated that American’s need to stay out of foreign affairs.

We Dem Boys

 These men might just be the most courageous men in the world right now. They make young men want to help for a better cause. They make young women want to join the war. These are the one and only Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty did not think it was right that the colonist were being taken advantage of. I agree with what the Sons of Liberty Believe. Basically what these men are trying to tell the public through their actions we don’t think it is fair that parliament is raising tax on everything. When they started coming out in public and really showing whom they were was in 1773. This was the Tea Act. The main thing they focused on was the Tea Act.


King George was born on June 4, 1738 in London. His parents were named princess Augusta and prince Fredrick. In George’s family everyone was at a high level like a king, queen, duke, prince, princess. George was very spoiled as a child because he was raised up in a castle because his parents. George has 15 children with his wife Charlotte. Charlotte was 23 years older than George. George heard that the English settlers were having great success in America. So he decided he would take over. George was most known for messing up America. He put taxes on bunch of things so he could go more money. He died on January 29, 1820.

Cottage Chesse

Allow milk to form clabber.

Skim off cream once clabbered.
Set clabbered milk on very low heat and cut in 1 inch squares.
Place colander into clabber.
Dip off whey that rises into the colander.
When clabber becomes firm, rinse with cold water.

Squeeze liquid out and press into ball.
Crumble into bowl.
Mix curds with thick cream.

By the Numbers

1. 342 boxes of tea were thrown off the boat in the Tea Act.

2. 5 people died in the Boston Massacre.

3. 56 political parties met in Philadelphia to discuss relationship with England.

4. 1000 british soldiers were dead and injured from the war at Bunker Hill.

5. 32,000 redcoats out matched the 20,000 patriots at a battle in NY.  

6. 5,000 people bought Common Sense.

7. When british left Concord the militia killed 73 British soldiers.  

8. 1777-1778 The Continental Army spent the winter in Valley Forge.

9. 1778 2500 soldiers died in the winter at Valley Forge.

10. 25,000 soldiers died at Yorktown.  


 I think Valley Forge is the most important place in this unit.  I think this because it was kind of towards the end of all these wars. Many soldiers died from staying in Valley Forge all winter because it was so rough.  The reason they wanted to spend the winter in Valley Forge is because the general wanted to be tough for the war.  So he made the soldiers go through very hard training during the winter.  This did make the soldiers stronger and more prepared for war.  In my opinion I think this was very smart of the general because it taught them not only to be physical fit but most mentally fit.       

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