Red Kayak Final Project

Brianna, Kassidy, Nakita, Faroza

2) Priscilla Cummings she is the  author of  Red Kayak, when she was little she loved writing books and reading them at first she wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a teacher but she loved writing so  much she decide to be an author instead. People  think Priscilla Cumming  lives in Chesapeake Bay because of her book , but she was grew up on a dairy farm with three siblings in western   Massachusetts away from the ocean, when she got the UPI's Journalist Award of Virginia the same year she moved to Maryland and got married with another author and started to write in magazines . That is why in her book the setting was Chesapeake Bay . In most of Priscilla Cumming's books were actually  was inspired by real life situations that moved her emotionally in some way .

Chesapeake Bay is in United States of America it is surrounded by a couple of states west of Virginia,  northwest of North Carolina, southwest of Pennsylvania and it is near the state of Maryland . It is inward of the Atlantic ocean   

Brady, J.T., and Digger

a. Brady Parks is an adventurous guy, he loves to riding in his skiff, he helps his dad go crabbing. He is also known as a daredevil because without thinking whether or not he will get hurt he went in the water to save Ben. He also known as a hero because of the food deed he did by saving Ben and risking his life. He is loyal and says the truth, at first he was he was loyal to Digger and J.T by keeping his secret for a while. At the end he did tell his dad the entire truth and fought for what was right. Brady always knows that he should tell the truth right away.

b. Digger Griswold (Michael Griswold) is known as a rule breaker. He doesn't follow the rules and sometimes it goes so far that he deserves the consequences. He wants everything his way and sometimes bosses people around like J.T. He is a good sibling because he takes care of his brother and sister, and when their parents were fighting he took away his sister and brother to his grandmother. But when he is a pretty good friend because he told the judge that J.T had nothing to do with and he apologized to Brady that he made him keep the secret. Digger changed by figuring out that a joke can go too far and he shouldn't do something bad to someone just because you don't like them

c. J.T. ( Jeremy Tyler ) is a follower. He follows Digger a lot like when he followed Digger to the kayak and when Digger threatened him so he did what he was told. He is a loyal friend, he listened to Digger, even if he was doing the wrong thing.J.T. works hard, he helps his father with the farm. He also is a nice guy because he is willing to give his kidney away to his dad. J.T changed by figuring out that when he should say no when the he think's the deed is wrong.

Plot Diagram


Exposition: It is when the the characters are introduced,their personality, and physical traits are presented in the exposition.Also where the book is taking place also known as the setting

Rising Action: It is when the action starts to build up,the story gets more interesting and the action of the story starts to build up.You start to get near the climax of the story

Climax: The climax is the most fascinating part of the story which is the best and the most important.The Climax is the major turning point in the plot diagram.

Falling Action:Falling Action is when the action is starting to decrease and the problem is being solved.Everything is slowly getting back into place , in the book is getting closer to the Conclusion

Conclusion: it is when the problem of the story is solved and everything is right.The Conclusion is the result of the problem in the story. It is also known as the resolution

Inciting: an incedent; when something is about to occur. Inciting is inbetween exposition and rising action.


a)1.When Brady was talking to J.T,J.T told him to keep it a secret to try and stay friends with Brady,But Brady knows that they did the wrong thing and isn’t sure what to do,Hes also sad well talking to J.T because he found out his best friend killed ben.Brady was a bit ashamed of J.T because he knows he did the wrong thing.

2.When Brady confronted Digger,Digger started denying that he drilled the holes in the kayak.Digger kept saying that he could never prove it and that it was his own idea.When he kept saying that J.T told him he still kept denying it.Later Brady found Digger looking for the drill and Brady lied saying that he through away the drill.

3.When Brady was on the river he kept screaming about Ben's death and blaming the river for it.He was handling the grief by blaming himself.At school Brady friends kept ignoring

b)An example of Character V.S Character is when Brady was arguing with Digger  about him drilling the holes in the kayak and also trying to steal the drill from the boat house and Digger was convincing Brady that he was apart of it too.

c)An example Character V.S Nature is when Brady was blaming and accusing the river responsible for Ben's death

d)An example of Character V.S Self is when Brady was blaming himself for Ben's thinking that  he should of warned Mr.Diangalo about the river being dangerous, and that he should of tried harder and been faster to save Ben.

e)An example of Character V.S Society is when Brady is in risk of getting blamed for the incident as well by his parents,classmates,teacher and even people in the court like the judge.

Grief, Friendship, and Telling the Truth


a. Grief is a painful regret. It is a feeling you get when someone or something that you dearly cared for is gone.There are five stages in grief that you go through, you don't go through all of them but you do go through some.The first stage is Denial is when you deny that someone or something is still there and you deny that it is gone.Anger is when you start getting angry about that someone or something has left you. Bargaining is when you plead or bargain with someone that you would do anything to  get someone or something back.Depression is when you are depressed that someone has left you and sometime stop talking to people or isolate yourself. The final stage is Acceptance is when you have accepted the fact that someone is gone and is not coming back.

Brady in the story went through grief but did not go through all the stages of he only went through a couple of them.He went through Depression, he stopped going to school for a couple of days and didn't talk to people that much.Brady went through a little bet of Anger when he started dumping the crabs back in the water because he thought whatever happened to Ben wasn't fair.He finally went through Acceptance that Ben was gone and in a good place.

b. Friendship is when you have a very close relationship with someone that you think is loyal,tell the truth and you can share anything with.Friendship was dealt in the story by how at first J.T and Digger were not being good friends to Brady by not talking to him and telling him the truth later on when they told the truth

c. Doing the right thing is when you know something is wrong for example like how Brady didn't listen to his friends about the drill and told his dad everything which was doing the right thing by telling the truth. Telling the truth means that you explained or confronted someone about that truth like how Brady told his Dad about the drill or when J.T and Digger told Brady about them drilling the holes.

d. Grief was dealt in the novel by when Brady had grief when Ben died, he went through depression, anger and then finally Brady accepted that Ben was gone and he had to move on with his life. Friendship was dealt by at first when Brady was when Ben died J.T and Digger weren't being such good friend by not talking to him when he felt sad about Ben's death and not even going near him. In the end Brady was a good friend and being loyal about the truth that J. and Digger were the ones who actually drilled the holes, until Brady did the right thing and helped his friend learn by telling his Dad the whole truth.

In our group we gave this book three and a half stars because in some parts in the book there was no real action that wanted you to read more, most of the book was whether Brady should tell the truth or not. When Brady did tell the truth and J.T and Digger did go to court they really didn't fight for it we expected Digger or J.T not fight for it  because at first they really didn't want to go to jail and started convincing  Brady not to tell, and when they went to court it was like they gave up and didn't care anymore which wasn't what we wanted to happen.

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