Looking for investor/gold buyer

I operated gold mine with my partners in Obuasi,Ashanti region Ghana,thats where Ghana has her large gold deposit,Anglogold is working in the same town. Its surface mining (Alluvial). Deposits of the resulting alluvial Gold stretch from the River along the land and river beds.

Our alluvial mining operations involve three major stages:

Exposing Gold - Gold ore is buried under as much as 2m to 4m of sand, gravel and cement-like conglomerate. We use a variety of industrial large scale methods to remove this material, known as overburden.

Holding back the sea - Alluvial mining takes place near rivers and the ocean, so holding back the sea is an essential part of our work before we can excavate Gold ore.

Excavation - Once the bedrock is exposed and cleaned, we excavate Gold bearing ore for processing.

Processing - We wash the ore to liberate the Gold concentrate at its core. The final concentrate, less than one percent of the original material, goes on to a central plant or sluice box where gold can be seen for the first time.

We need excavators to open the pit and get to the gold ore and then feed it to washing plant,all the processing is SIMPLE,SAFE AND SECURED.

We purchased the gold concessions from the government and look for gold buyer/ investor and the proposition is very simple in 2 options.

First option,the gold buyer/investor provide equipments to start working on the gold concession(preferable hired),it can be rented from rental companies here locally,this allow us to produce gold and supply the gold to the buyer or investor,we got 50% and investor/buyer got 50% of gold produced and we sell our 50% of gold to the buyer/investor at an agreed discount price(7% discount),investor/ buyer cover the cost of hiring equipments(50% of gold for investor/buyer cover this cost and still have profit).

And second option,the gold buyer/investor provide funding for hiring equipments and all gold recovery will be sold to buyer/investor at agreed discount price,at the end of each contract,the buyer/investor will deducted capital from gold payment,this means buyer/investor will deducted all the fund provided to hire equipments back at the end of each transaction.
This is secured and very simple,

Project Operation plan.

With $150,000. (One hundred and fifty thousand united state dollars) we will produce 9kg of gold (Minimum) in a single shift of 15 working days,this include all cost for equipments,labour and fueling,we work for the first 15 working days(Single shift) and work for another 15 working days (Double shift),the total gold recovery for 30 working days is 30kg (Minimum) and we plan to re-invested all the money recover from the 30kg + to buy our own equipments,most important excavators from USA,with this we will cut the renting cost and if we can do this for about 60 working days or more we should have our own equipments which will seriously help to cut off the cost,this will help the investor/buyer,we dont need millions of dollars before buying equipments,we plan to work in hand with investor/buyer to achieve our goals,there is no hurry,we can re-invested out cash to support to buy equipments which will cut the working cost,we will exchange our gold for Equipments for future contracts,we plan to work with investor/buyer as long as they are willing to work with us.

I can send all documentations with pictures and video,i can give you both contact to find out about me and our operations. If you are interested,we have more than 10 different gold concessions ready,work can start as soon as equipments is delivered to the site. Investor/buyer (representations) are allowed to stay with us during work and productions.

Olojo Luqman Chive.


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