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Be a competitor, to be a senator

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Qualifications You must need- You must be at least 30 years of age, must be a citizen for 9 years, And you must live in the congressional district you represent.

Job Descriptions- Senate members have a term of office of 6 years and are base on equal representation, if u became a senator you would have to represent the state at large and have to work with the other 100 members in the senate. You will also be going up for reelection every 2 years but only 33-34 members will go at a time, so be prepared.  

Salary and Benefits- The salary for a average Joe (senator) is about 174,000 some are paid even more depending on what position they are in. Being a senator comes with a few benefits as well you get health insurance, life insurance, retirement provisions, office allowance, home allowance, and franking privilege which means you are allowed to mail letters and other materials postage free.

Are you up for the Challenge, Be a competitor or go home!

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