1st Period:  Darryl L, Teyona M, Kadesha M, Zatiana R, Kashuna M.

Game day

At Hanson on central and Fulton we are sitting waiting on the game to start darion had to sing before the game start. We was ready to cheer, but they was taking all day to start so we just waited and listen to music.

girls playing in our 3rd period gym class earning their participate points showing that they can play to meanwhile why a bunch of kids in the back not doing anything at all kids walking to the exit door and some are talking on the side line


During lunch time AL Raby students sit down and eat their food, conversant, and play cards. You can see that they change are lunch tables which we hate so much because it’s to crowed in there. But we get along good no fight brock off yet so we chill and have fun.

3rd period P.E class

In P.E class everyone has to participate in p.e activities. As you can see no one is doing what they are supposed to be doing. Everyone isn’t paying the teacher any attention. That mean they aren’t worried about their grade

This image  shows how the guys are playing on two teams on one side of the court but as you can see in the back ground there are kids not doing what they supposed to do sitting down and not participate

Outside the school there are kids who are early coming to school building , while its raining. It shows how many people are on time for school.

young group of AL Raby kids on their way to the beach to help the environment and the way the environment was its was trees and a nice view


The night of the boys’ basketball game at alraby high school 3545.fulton Blvd. the pompom/cheerleading team had to dance during half time. As we were doing the dance it was very hot no air in the gym room you feel nothing but heat but we still did the dance.


In the afternoon we drove all the way to 103 cottage grove ave to see alraby football team play they game, as they playing they heart out we are sitting waiting for someone to make a touch down but they didn’t the lost. Even though they didn’t win the game they tried they best and we still cheer them of.

                                   my theme

These picture is mainly about after school activie like football team and pompom/cheerleading team. Kids who won’t to do other thing then standing on the corner and wasting the life they get involved in sports like football. Here at AL Raby they motivate our football team to be leaders and not a follow, and leave the negative things outside of school and always be positive. I join the pompom/cheerleading team because I hate going home and doing nothing with my life so I join an active at school and ever since then my life been exciting.

                                                               Summer time

Every day in the summer around 3:30 to 6:00 the pompom/cheerleading team had to be at the garfild park on hamlen and Jackson to go over dance and cheer so we can be ready to dance for the school talent shows and cheer for the games. Throughout the summer it was hot and we had to practice but we still showed up and dance and had fun.

On the pink line at 4th Cermak, Edward , My big brother , looks at an woman's behind and says everything parvokative.

Here on 15th Pulaski, tens and some children wai for the bus early in the morning. This is important because it shows how teens are going to school and early prepared, on ime for school.

my Team out on cermak to go shopping for our Dance! as you see there are stores like Discovery Anna's Linens Len’ Crafts

a bunch of guys standing on the other side of the street from where a bunch of police is standing in the group huddle to see if anything going to pop off

                                                                     Stop the violence

In the morning time a group of grown up come together to form a march to try and stop the violence in the community. Here in my community you will not see no kids/teenagers try to join the walk to stop the violence around the community which is located on Leavitt and maypole.

Mexican corn in Chicago

It’s a lady or man who comes on Central and Madison every warm or hot sunny day to sell corn, snowballs, and fruit. They get a lot of customers day by day and no one messes with them. Everyone believes Chicago is just such a bad place where everyone is getting killed, but it’s not. If it was such a bad place we wouldn't have open stands outside in the open for the public.

Police was sitting on walnut waiting to see what was gone happen just sitting there in a group on the other side of the street

14th and kedzie drug hide outright around the corner. There is a school around the corner , Jonson Grammar school. Children walk pass every day before and after school. This isn't safe for the school or the minors.

Cops reloaded

The police supposed to be somewhere finding killers, drug dealers, rapist etc. They do extra things like pulling cars over for missing a tail light. There are more serious things going on in the neighborhood. The police were on Madison and Central park finding something to do even when there wasn’t a point in braud day light.

when things go wrong

my cousin in the hospital. I went to visit him at RUSH hospital. No one really wanted to go see him,but the heart i have i went to see him. He has a condition where he has to go to dialysis.He ate the wrong food which triggered something to happen to his body ,he needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Home going of Leetema

A 17 year old boy was killed and the next day there was a celebration of his death. There was a candle light vigil and all his loved ones let balloons off in the air. Every one also prayed and shared unforgettable moments they once shared with him.

Friday night

No one who is teenagers supposed to be out 12:00a.m in a dangerous neighborhood. They are just putting themselves in danger. This photo was taking on walnut and homan at a block party. Everyone under 21 years of age should’ve been in the house.

Beauty Salon

There are African braiding hair shops all over Chicago, where women go to get their hair braided. The braids are done very well and tight to last over a month. These people who work in the African braiding hair shops are from Africa.


family hanging out on the block...walnut and st louis. when we get out of school we should have a part time job or a extra activity to do other than being on the block looking like gang memebers.we are good kids and we have potential to be anything we want to be.

                                the kids

So kids are like sponges they soak all information that they see adults do. They are posing for a picture throwing up gang signs. They are on their way to a birthday party and was asked to take a picture.Instead of them posing for a picture like normal children they do what they see everyone else do when they take a picture.

Dave & Busters

In Chicago, there are many places where you can eat and play games. This place isn't expensive and it's very fancy anyone can go there. Someone who’s not from Chicago can go visit there and they will love it.

Theme for English B by Zatiana Ross

I Live in Chicago,

It’s a very great place to stay,

People who not from here think it’s bad but it’s really not,

People die everywhere just like in Chicago,

People gang bang but not everybody does,

Gang bangers die faster than anyone,

It’s real in the field,

We celebrate our loved ones death a special way,

Some people put themselves in positions to get killed or hurt badly.

theme for english B by Kadesha Mcneary

My life is different from everyone. I live on the north/west side of Chicago; my house is one of the best places I like to be. I love to dance, eat ice-cream on cold days and sit in the dark to clear my head. I attend AL Raby high school on the west side its mainly African Americans. I love it here in somewhat smart I push myself so I can get good grades. Well I feel that I don’t have to be that smart to be successful I’m only 18teen and I’m still in high school. I don’t want to take my life to serious to the point I miss out all time fun.

Theme For English B By Darryl Lane

I come fro a city were Chicago is Ch-Raqq.

theme for English B by kashuna mobley

I come from, a cold cruel world. Where im from you cant trust anyone. WE live in a twisted society. I love my life but not whats around me. I plan to change my life around. I plan to go to college. I want to live better than how i grew up. If i have children i want them to see a different life. I like my friends and family,I love my friends and family. I have to challenge myself. What happens now determines what the future holds.I cant change the world but i can change me.