DYING TO BE THIN ??????????????

DYING TO BE THIN ??????????????

(ANOREXIA NERVOSA, an eating disorder,has its roots in a warped body image.If Untreated, it can lead to numerous complications, and even prove fatal )

Oh! My God, look at my paunch,Its so visible!’’ Or, “I have gained a lot of weight,’’ Or, “I want to eat and gain weight but my tummy has now become used to having less food, so it cant tolerate more food!”

Have you listened to these words from a reed-thin young female or male ?

If so, then it is indicative of a serious problem, ANOREXIA NERVOSA , an eating disorder characterised by an obsessive (Extreme ) fear of gaining weight. Person with AN continue to feel hunger , but deny themselves all but very small quantities of food.

Anorexia Nervosa occurs in females 10 times more than it does in males.


  1. Refusal to maintain a normal BMI (wt.in kg/ht. in metres; the normal BMI range is 19-24)
  2. Amenorrhea: The absence of three consecutive menstrual cycles.
  3. Obsession with calories & fat content.
  4. Purging: uses laxatives,diet pills.
  5. Engage in frequent, steruous exercise, despite being thin.
  6. May frequently be in a sad, lethargic state.
  7. May avoid friends & family.


He Or She go for SCOFF questionaire. A “YES” response to atleast two of the following questions is a strong indicator of an eating disorder :

S: Do you feel sick because you feel full ?

C: Do you loss contol over how much you eat ?

O: Have you lost more tham 13 pounds recently

F: Do you believe that you are fat when others say that you are thin ?

F: Do food and thoughts of food dominate your life ?

The most effective way to prevent anorexia is to develop healthy eating habits and a strong body image from an early age.


Conselling for diet won’t help much if it is not backed by psychological counselling and eliminating the root which led to the disease in the first place. Many times those affected with anorexia is do not think that they need any treatment. Even if they know they need treatment, anorexia is a long –term challenge that may last a lifetime.Involving the whole family concerned is recommended.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY is one of the most effective therapies for anorexia.In this therapy, the person learns to replace negative, unrealistic thoughts and beliefs with positive, realistic ones. The person is also encouraged to acknowledge their fears & develop healthier ways of solving problems.


1 Establishing regular eating habits and a healthy diet

2. Sticking to your treatment & diet plan

3.Ignoring the urge to weigh yourself or check your appearance constantly.

4. Cutting back on exercise if obsessive exercise has been part of the disease.


If not treated, serious complications such as heart conditions and kidney failure can occur and eventually lead to death.

Don’t you think a healthy glowing skin and a good physique is an asset ???????????

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