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snapchat VS. Instagram

snapchat and instagram are very similar. they have many features alike . They both have cameras but on instagram you can upload pictures and take pictures but on snapchat you can only take pictures not upload any. You can also take videos. snapchat videos only last 10 seconds and instagram last 15 seconds but you can still upload videos. Instagram has many filters so your can make your pictures look better. Snapchat has a few filters. snapchat allows you to draw on your pictures and add your own details. Another snapchat feature is that you can set a timer for people to see your pictures for a certain amount of time. Snapchat also allows you to add text to the picture. Instagram allows you to add a comment to your picture. On snapchat you can send the picture to certain people and put it on your "story" so everyone of your friends can see it. Instagram has direct message to where you can send a picture so only certain people can see it, but you can only send that picture to a maximum of 15 people. Both snapchat and instagram are my favorites of social media and its a great way to keep in contact with friends.

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