Proceed Internet With Care

  Top 10 Internet Safety Rules

1. Don't post any personal information about yourself.  ex) Email, cell phone #, adress

2.  Think befor you post pictures of yourself.

3. Keep your stuff as private as possible.

4. Do not share your passwords with anyone.

5. Do not follow or be friends with people you have met online .

6. Don't meet someone in person that you met online.

7. Not everyone you meet is who they say they are.

8. Remember if you feel uncomterable you can log off at any time.

9. Visit sites on the web that are appropriate.

10. The temptation to add as many people for social status and popularity may seem strong, but it is an irresponsible and immature decition.

Why are these rules important?

  Because these rules could save you in a life or death situation. They may not seem that important but instead of someone knowing were you live now they don't. Along with these rules just remember you must listen to them. Or instead of being on the good end of the stick you could be on the bad end. So I hope you enjoyed the rules.


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