teen BOOKS

Great pieces of literature that entertain us from the real world

by:marie lu

This was a very well written book for the genre of dystopian love. I think that teen females would probably enjoy this novel more than boys because of the feelings but because of the action that happens it could be appealing to males. T here are two more books that are part of this series this is the first book.

By: John Green

This book would be called a very very romantic novel that i heart warming and inspiring.I personally think this book was a bit too depressing throughout the whole thing because of their conditions. This book was very well written and should be read because of that the plot is also very good the author knew where he was going the whole time through the book. Most readers of the book would probably be female teens becuse of the amount of romance in it.

By:Rainbow rowell

This book was very, very well written. I liked the story line of the story because it was realistic.this story has well written characters and a little bit of romance with the drama that usually follows that. while I think that the main character could have a little more backbone but is still very kind. this book would usally be read by by female teens because of he plot and the characters with the romance and drama.

By: Allie Condie

This book was well written with only a few minor things that could have been better.  The characters were all well written and the settings were well explained. This book would apeal to both male and female teens but because of the front cover people would suspect it be written for girls but even though there is quite a bit of romance there is also some action and suspense. This is the first book of a finished trilogy. the plot in this book was a bit far fetched but that really is the point of books that were supposed to take place in the future. This is a dystopian novel.

By: lauren oliver

This book has a good plot and ideas to it. I think that this book could be good for both male and females because of the amount of mystery and action with a bit of romance and suspense there are many different genres in this book so it would be best described as a unisex written book. The characters had their own point of view and even though it was a bit confusing at the beginning it all just falls into place at the end. The author knew where the characters were coming form and where they were going.

The art of racing in the rain
by: garth stein

This is the first book I have ever read that was not in a humans point of view. This book has a very, very well written ploy and is definitely for both genders to read. I thought the author of this book was so creative in what he wrote. there were a few minor parts that were a bit uncalled for but that is the whole point in reading! this book has many life lessons along with belifs in it. And this was also written in a dogs point of view  by a human I think that must have been difficult but in the end out came a ver well written book.

the glass castle
by: Jeannette walls

This book was not only based entirely on a true story but it was written by the person who lived the story. This woman's life was not easy at all but in the end even though not everything went as planned it turned out kind of ok. This was super well written but more for females than males for the fact that what she goes through a lot of males will not understand. This was all form her memory and from her family's.

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