"Stay Striving and Never Give Up"

I believe

I believe in working hard for something that you love,
the blood, sweat, and tears you put in for this activity the passion you got the game or sport the time you have spent all your life doing this the dedication.But (something you don’t believe in, e.g. “but the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated”) letting someone tell you that you would never be nothing in life or never accomplishI believe in doing something you do best I believe that no one should ever never give up on their hopes and dreams

And I believe in being success and having the dream that you had when you was little become true. (longest)

My credo is stay striving and never give up. It means that you put in time for and spent all your life doing as you got older in your lifetime. Don’t listen to other people that tells you otherwise keep doing or try to show them people that doubted you and prove them wrong.
By having to live by it when I was growing up because people would tell me that I was never good at any sports and at sometimes I would believe them and cry at night asking god to help live through this and give me better confidence in my self as I get older. As I thought about the things that people said about me my goal was to show them who I was and what I can do at my best.
I believe that the reason that I stuck to this beliefs because I didn’t have a dad coming up in life and I didn’t have no one to push me and to tell me to get up in the morning and go out their to practice no matter what the weather was outside. I had a mom but my mother wasn’t into sports like I was, Yes she played when she was younger but she didn’t have time because she goes to work from Mon-Fri. So I had to get up every morning telling and pushing myself to do something that I love and that I did my best in and be 100% prepared for it.
No Because, that credo has got me so far in life it would be stupid or unintelligent. I see it evolving because life is to short to act foolish and ruin you career or your chance of getting into the college you been wanting to get in. I would never change my action because I think it helps people like me in life like without no one pushing them to do better in what they do best. Also I think my credo would help shape my future because, Im trying to become a NBA player when I grow up or a Sport Agent and I know if I keep on using this credo I think I will succeed in my lifetime

This credo is so helpful to many people thats into sports or better a person than what you already are. I would like to challenge other to do what I did which is to push their self to the max and never do what other people tells you but you can also listen to what people try to tell you to make you better at the activity that you are doing. “Stay Striving and Never Give up” is the key of success to what you are trying to do in life.

By Chace Tate

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