Wesley Mabe

This website is Infotainment Satire because it gives us fake news stories about Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMS workers that are not true but funny to read.

The type of news source is Partisan because it really does not give a particular side.

One Characteristic of  Satire in this website is Incongruity. All of these Articles represent law enforcement and Emergency Workers but are totally out of place in what they are talking about.

The Target of this Satire is The Police, Fire Department, and EMS because they are the target of what is being made fun of on this website.

Some of the stories on the website include Police Officers pulling an April Fools joke on Firefighters and Firefighters using a game to get their new recruits. The officers that pulled the prank definitely represented incongruity by being out of order and absurd. The firefighting recruits story is the perfect example of a parody because they are imitating the techniques of something completely opposite of what they actually should be doing.  

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