My Year At Acacia College


The Group

These are my friends Ethan Lees,Nathan Tomasin,Steven Azzoparadi & Aidan Tringas

My friends made a band called Forever Sane  unfortunately I don't play an instrument but i am planning to play the drums very soon.

  Ethan,Nathan & I made youtube accounts and did game plays it is a very different hobby but very rewarding Ethan has gone the furthest but I Still Enjoy Making Videos Here is my most plpular video

Going To Acacia College

Going to Acacia College was a great experience even though I only started in term 3 they were the best 2 terms of my life but with every great opportunity there must be a sacrifice in this case the school shutting down here is the video of the news report from channel TEN That day we were all very sad and all worrying about new schools i thought my parents were playing a joke on me but unfortunately they weren't i was left wondering what am I going to do whats going to happen to my friends

The Learning Style

The learning style at Acacia College was outstanding and one of a kind many people called the learning style a gem as it was so different but very costly I really enjoyed the learning stye at Acacia we were a very modern school and the first school in victoria to use i pad learning in every day school day learning

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