Energy Efficient Housing

By Lachlan MacLaren


Energy efficiency is critical for a future with reduced greenhouse gasses. In this assignment I will discuss a number of ways that households can increase their efficiency in order to reduce their reliance on energy that uses coal.


Installation is material that reduces the transfer. The most efficient insulation is close-cell foam insulation. It is the most affective insulation because the cells are so close together that they compleately block out moisture and air and because of their density and it is also good for adding structure to your wall, ceiling or roof. Houses with installation will be more energy efficient because they reduce their need for energy consumption for heating and cooling.


Electricity is a major energy source for houses. Quite a new discovery in electrical energy is solar energy. This converts the radiation from the suns rays into energy and then electrical energy. This is a great thing to have on your house to make it more energy efficient.

If you live near a creek or sream you can have hydro energy delivered to your house for free. You need something in the water that rotates as the water passes by it and the rotator connected to something that changes the kinetic energy to electrical energy. This is also another great thing to have if you want an energy efficient house.

Another way to get clean energy free is to have a small wind turbine or two on your roof or somewhere near your house to generate energy. Again the kinetic energy that is created by the wind will be transformed into electrical energy and that can be brought back to your energy efficient house.

                                                               Electrical appliances

Some energy efficient household appliances are energy efficient lightbulbs, LED lights, washing machines and fridges and dishwashers and dryers with the energy efficient sticker on them. This is just a few of many other energy efficient household appliances.

                                                               Water efficiency

One way to know your house is water efficient is by having a water efficient setting on your washing machine or dishwasher and that will ensure that less water will be used in that load of washing.

                                                                           Air Flow

A good way to let the hot air out of your house is to have whirlybirds. Whirlybirds are little things that sit on your roof and push the hot air out. This is done because the hot air rises and then it gets circluated out of the roof via the whirlybird. A picture of a whirlybird below

                                                                House Orientation

I would orientate my house with the front door facing west and by balcony facing east because the hot afternoon sun would be facing you if you had your balcony facing the west side.


I would have big trees on the east and west sides of the house because they would predominately block out the sun for the whole day.


As shown above, there are a number of ways of reducing our reliance on carbon based energy and increasing energy efficiency in our homes. This can only contribute to a better and cleaner environment in which we all live.

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