Cyber security

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is a field that focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs, and other sensitive information stored in a digital format. Common threats to such targets are viruses, hackers, and especially to government networks, cyber terrorists. Cyber security is dedicated to defending against these threats, and others.

What does a cyber security professional do?

Professionals in the field help protect the networks and information of organizations through countering malicious attacks by hackers and viruses. They must also patch up vulnerabilities in networks and computers to fortify those targets against cyber attacks. As cyber attacks are constantly changing and evolving, professionals must also be dynamic in their methods.

What traits will help a professional?

Tech savviness is definitely a plus, as a professional can often strengthen the security of vulnerable targets simply through changing certain settings on the devices. Problem solving is also essential, as attacks constantly change and require new methods to be defeated. Likewise, an active imagination, ability to multitask, and being able to take on complex situations are useful to develop new forms of protection. Being a good listener helps a professional learn what the problems are from the people who have been targeted. Team work is necessary for professionals to efficiently and quickly deal with threats, and thinking a few steps ahead allows professionals to predict how attackers will react when their cyber attack is defeated. Finally, as cyber security is a field based on protecting the information and devices of others, having a drive to help others is very helpful. That said, I do not think I am suited to this field of work, as problem solving is not my forte, and I am not the best listener or the best at multi-tasking.


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