The Glorious Blog Of Lady Bracknell

By: Lady Bracknell

What is This Page?

This following blog with be an honest opinion of the people in my life. If somebody did something I found note worthy, it will be here. Everything worth noting should be written down. No matter the gravitation of the moment or thought.

John (Earnest) Worthing

Mr. John (Earnest) Worthing. I am not always sure about this man. At moments he seems to me, a very bright young man who deserves my daughter's hand in marriage. On other occasions though he acts childish and disgraceful. I find the fact that he was not properly raised as upper class gentleman to be very disturbing. I do wish he had a home in the city and not just that retreat out in the country side.  While I do admit the view from some parts of the grounds is stunning, it is no place for my daughter to live the rest of her life. I will have to make sure he follows through with buying a house in the city. Also the fact about his lack of wealth. As a man of high social class, he should have a larger amount of money to his name. He is very fortunate that he turned out to be Algernon's brother or I would have had serious doubts about him.

Gwendolyn Fairfax

My Daughter Gwendolyn is a beautiful young girl. She is the perfect image of what a girl should look like. She is however a little ignorant to important things. I at first did not approve of her engagement to Mr. Worthing, however now see a little more why it is she likes him. Gwendolyn will do very well as a grown women and I look forward to her having a happy life at home with her

Cecily Cardew

Cecily is a very young and attractive girl with lots of money. I think she will be a very good candidate as a pairing with my nephew Algernon. Maybe she can put some sense into his head. I look forward to many pleasant conversations with her about the men in our lives.At first though I was a little skeptical due to her having being a ward and not having a family to use as her social status. However we can work on that and I am sure with her fortune I will be alright with her marrying my Nephew

Algernon Moncrieff

My Nephew Algernon Moncrieff. I look down on his lack of money due to his constant disregard for the rules. Even though he does this by enforcing his social status in this society, it does take a toll on his family when they need to bail him out of jail or help him with his bills. Algernon is very sweet, however and is always listening to me and looking out for my family. While I think his sudden engagement to Cecily is a mistake, she does have money and may be just what he needs to make him more serious and a better gentleman all the time.

Dr. Chasuble

I do not like this man very much. I only met him for a few moments however he seemed to me to be nothing more than a minister that is so dedicated to his work that he leaves no time for pleasures like cucumber sandwiches or elegant parties. I also find it troubling that he has an attraction to Miss Prism whom I find to be a complete fool. His type of character is one that I must associate myself with but never get close too or I will take society for granted. If I were to ever take society for granted, I would never forgive myself. As I always say: "Never speak disrespectfully of Society, only those who can't get into it do that." I just love that. I feel so important when I am telling that to people.

Miss Prism

I do not at all like Miss Prism. There was a time when I did, however with her losing the baby at the train station I lost all respect for her. How could she have possibly put the baby in her handbag? She is simply not a very smart woman. I honestly was not sad to see her go after she lost the baby. She is a sort of plague that the upper class has caught. Some people we associate ourselves with are not really supposed to have the status they do. They act as if society is beneath them or are too senseless to realize what they are doing.


The servants to me are not that relevant. True they keep my family fed and do simple tasks that make sure my household does not die, however that is their job. They do not have to work for my family or me. They could get a different job maybe as post man or a clothing designer. I am sure some of them are worthy of being upper class citizens but for the most part they seem to have no proper morals.

Final Notes

I do hope you have taken pleasure in reading my thoughts on the people that are in my life recently and do hope that you have learned something from my writing. If you did not learn anything, please write to me because I am sure you are a wonderful person who loves society as much as I do and understands how crazy people really are.

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