Destiny Grenman

This clip uses satire in many ways. First it is about these teens making their own play and showing things that go on in life and they make it really awkward. The ways that they make it awkward are because they seem socially awkward themselves and they are showing real things that happen in life but without any emotion. Thats what a play is about emotion and how well you can act someone else. This clip has alot of exaggeration in it. Some examples are they turn the lights off after like 30 seconds after each act and dance to some weird music. I would also think this clip has some incongruity in it because they are in an auditorium with boxes as their props.

The satirical target of this video is actually a parody to the movie The Purge. It makes the purge seem less scary because the family has no emotion except for the Dad and his emotion is all happy and dosn't really care. The mother has no emotion and neither do the children. When the murderes break in all they show are the family members tied up while the mom is smoking a cigarette. The only ones that try to save themselves are the children and it has no effect whatsoever because in the time it takes them to list all the weapons they get tied up.

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