Jack the Ripper

The Killings

Mary Ann Nichol's was Jack the Ripper's first victim. She was found murdered around 3:40 with her throat cut not once, but twice. She was also stabbed in the abdomen cut on her side with the same knife. The knife was about 6-8 inches long.

Annie Chapman was the second victim of Jack the Ripper murders. She was found just before 6:00am on September 8, 1888 by a resident that was living near her. She was laying on the ground near a doorway when she was found.

Elizabeth Stride ended up being Jack the Ripper's third victim in his murdering. She was discovered at 1:00am on September 30, 1888. She was killed just moments before Louis Diemshutz found her laying on the ground. He couldn't see her body until he lit a match.

1:45am on September 30, 1888, Jack the Ripper's fourth victim has been found. Her name was Catherine Eddowes. She was killed by a cut to the throat, and her intestines being ripped out and placed over her right shoulder. Some of it wasn't even attached anymore. Her lobe and auricle of her right ear were also cut off.

On the morning of November 9, 1888, Jack the Ripper's fifth victim was found. She was found around 10:45am by her landlord. He knocked on her door, but finding no response. When he looked through the window he saw that she was naked in the middle of her bed with the surface of her abdomen and thighs cut off. Her face was hacked at so much that you couldn't recognize her.

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