we empower the powerless

As you know Social Mavericks fights poverty by empowering the powerless. The way we do this is by organizing local/regional $1.000.000 Challenges, in which groups from poor & low-income communities compete for funding of a portfolio-of-best-solutions. After registering on our platforms these groups become WiserGroups and they transform in the driving force behind their own social change.  

As part of The Challenge, Social Mavericks offers the WiserGroups a Friendship Deal, which include funding, education, collaboration and the smart brains of our Smart Crowd. We want you to be a part of the Smart Crowd.

As a member of the Social Mavericks Smart Crowd we ask you to do the following

  1. Join us on - our (third-party) collaboration platform
  2. Choose your expertise group
  3. Receive & Answer 1 emails per month with 2 questions
  4. Reward fellow Mavericks for great ideas or actions
  5. Get rewarded for original ideas or actions

The whole idea is that you contribute to fighting poverty without the sacrifice of much time and energy. If everybody does his bit; the total sum is huge.                                              

P.S. We Work, Think &
Share Together

The social enterprise Social Mavericks allocates 30% of its shares for the Smart Crowd to become shareholders in the social enterprise. The other shareholder groups are the founding partners (40%) and financial partners (30%). The company is currently is valued at $1.000.000 post-money.