Sales and Marketing Executive Lahouari Aribi of Denver

A sales and marketing executive based in Denver, Lahouari Aribi currently serves as executive general manager of national and international sales for Top Company, Inc., a developer and distributor of cutting-edge business solutions that has garnered recognition as a leading technology firm in its industry. For more than a decade in his leadership role, Lahouari Aribi has negotiated vendor contracts, identified new business opportunities, and created strategies to maximize sales and productivity. Previously, he maintained responsibilities as director of marketing for consumer electronics firm GHI Company, where he developed a marketing plan that facilitated 78 percent growth in its first 14 months.

Lahouari Aribi holds a bachelor of science and a master of business administration in marketing from Colorado Technical University. He has also earned an additional master’s degree in vision and pattern recognition, and he has conducted research into movements and integrated, noninvasive brain-computer systems. He stays current on topics in his field through membership in professional engineering and technology organizations.