Patrick Floyd Garrett

Pat Garrett was born June 5, 1850.He was shot in a argument on February 28, 1908.Garret also had a wife named Apolonaria Garrett. they had 9 children.Pat was a town sheriff & was recognized by Shooting the legendary Old West outlaw William "Billy The Kid" Bonney.Garret wasn't in a gang he was a sheriff.His job was being a sheriff and protecting the town.Garrett was also, an  bartender. Garrett was sheriff in Lincoln county new Mexico as well as Doña Ana County, New Mexico. Garret was tall he was 6'3.Pat Garrett was raised on a prosperous pre-Civil War plantation in Louisiana, then worked as a cowboy and buffalo hunter before becoming a cop.The murder of Pat Garrett is, one of the many unsolved mysteries of the West, by C. F. Eckhardt, from Charley Eckhardt's Texas column.

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