1.  The groups that were involved were the US government, the guerrillas, the army and wealthy, peasants and Guatemalan  government. The army and wealthy started out with the most power.

2. Treaties were made and the US government took over because other groups weren't agreeing to the their plan so the US wouldn't take no for an answer so they took over.

3.  Treaties were made throughout some groups, but other groups didn't agree with what the treaties were. Like the US didn't agree with what treaties were happening so they took over.

4.  The US was negotiating with other groups at the beginning of the game. Then they didn't agree with what a group was doing so they took over the whole country.

5. The effect can be positive or negative some people can agree with the power shift and some people can disagree with the shift.

6.  There can be cooperation and conflict involving power by parents. At home your Mom can tell you what to do. Something's you can agree with and something's you can disagree about what she tells you to do. There also can be cooperation and conflict between friends involving power. Like in your group of friends one of them could be the one everybody listens to. So if they say we should all do this but someone else could want to do something else but everyone would listen to the person that's the "leader" of the group.

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