Wonder Project by LaKendra

             Character's Tie to the Theme

Via is maturity,because she been taking care of herself and her problems.No one paid atteintion to Via cause they all concerned on August.When Via was having problems with Miranda she ask her mom to come see her at bedtime then her mom was with August insted of her.So she and her dad had to take care of it.Via had been mature all her life.When she need help with her homework no one was their for her because they were concern on August.

                Characters influnence

Justin had influnence Via.When Justin had met Via family they both went in the room then Via started to cry,because she didn't want to go to the play.She felt bad,because she did want to be known for the deform brother.Justin inflenece that she wasn't a bad sister.Via inflenece August to stop being a baby,because he making every body do his work for him .Via had learn some independent,because it ok if your left out some times.

I pick this picture,because are surrounding plant in the middle and that every on surrounding August. Via is outside that circle and they are leaving her out without noticeing.