Pedestrian-Friendly, High-Tech Crossing Device Coming to Manor Park, Detroit Avenue Intersection

The city of Lakewood has received grant funding to install a new high-tech Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon near the intersection of Detroit and Manor Park avenues.

The pedestrian hybrid beacon — also known as a HAWK — is a new traffic control device approved by the Federal Highway Administration. The HAWK signal is designed to stop traffic only as needed when pedestrians are present.

Work is expected to begin this summer. The pedestrian crossing, the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio, promotes walkability and safety, said Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers.

“The installation of this pedestrian hybrid beacon is a result of this administration continuing to listen to the community and identifying and pursuing options that make sense for our walkable neighborhoods,” said Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers. “This progressive project is a great example of that. We need to keep adapting to the needs of our residents.”

A 2011 traffic study found that the intersection did not meet the volume requirements for a traffic signal. However, the city of Lakewood received grant funding — to the tune of $65,000 — to pay for the new traffic control device.

Unlike a yellow flashing beacon, the pedestrian hybrid beacon signals the motorists to stop for a pedestrian. Unlike a standard traffic signal, the pedestrian hybrid beacon will allow motorists to proceed through the crosswalk if clear of pedestrians during the flashing red phase. Each vehicle must stop before proceeding through the crosswalk.

“This helps us maintain our goal of being a walkable city, and encourages a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle,” said Mark Papke, the city’s engineer.

The pedestrian hybrid beacon is slated for installation this summer. Temporary message boards will be in place on Detroit Avenue during construction that will direct the public to an instructional HAWK usage video.

If all goes as planned, a second device may be installed at the intersection of Clarence and Madison avenues.

See the HAWK in action: