Lambert & Lambert

The Invention Marketing and Licensing Services of Lambert & Lambert

A consulting agency with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lambert & Lambert seeks to facilitate the commercialization of new products by representing both inventors and manufacturers with professional expertise and full transparency. The firm primarily concentrates on licensing intellectual property to established businesses that want to produce protected products for a profit. Aside from an initial evaluation fee, Lambert & Lambert only gets paid when its inventor clients begin to receive royalty checks.

Acting on the inventor’s behalf, the firm establishes important connections and negotiates business agreements with product developers, performing a variety of product marketing services and representing specific inventions at various trade shows. To facilitate the commercialization process, the Lambert & Lambert team includes experts in the fields of law, engineering, manufacturing, market research, video production, drafting, CAD and industrial design, prototyping, marketing, and promotion. The firm is currently seeking new inventions and manufacturing partnerships in industries such as housewares, pet, hardware, toy, consumer electronic and sporting goods, with a special emphasis in as seen on tv.