wonder character in the spotlight: Justin by Landon Rucker

Character Tie to the Theme

The theme that impacted Justin the most was kindness for example when Julian, Miles and Henry are picking on jack he could have just let them pick on him but he stood up for jack instead. I think that impact him because hey could let them pick at jack but he comes back and tells them to leave jack alone.

Character Influences

     The person that influences Justin the most is Via because she helps Justin through his problems like when he needs help with his lines for the play.                                                 Justin  influences via by helping her through her problems like when she tells him she doesn't want august to come to her play and Justin helps her through it I think there relationship is important because there boyfriend and girlfriend and they help each other through there problems.

Art representation

this picture is The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt it reminds me of Justin and via. In the picture the man is pushing the boat and taking care of the woman this reminds me of the time via was crying and Justin hug her and took care of her