Mrs. Langford

Advanced Algebra 2, Room 931

Contact Info:, 736-5500 Ext. 7125
Before school (7:15) except Tuesdays & After School (until 4:00) except Fridays

Goals of the Course

Advanced Algebra 2 has been designed to include all of the topics in Algebra 2 along with some additional topics: linear systems and function families--quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic, arithmetic & geometric sequences & series and trigonometry topics.  The course will move at a fast pace, and challenging problems will be assigned. Students must demonstrate in-depth understanding of the concepts, not just superficial knowledge. Upon completion of this course, students will be ready to enroll in Advanced Precalculus.

Class Guidelines

RESPECT – please show it in all class interactions. 

*Tardies—if you’re late, please stop by the office for a pass.

*Show your work and do your own.  Cheating is not tolerated—earn a zero.

*No drinks or food by laptops—exclusions based on class medical needs.

*Cell Phones-unauthorized usage of electronic devices during class periods in which formal assessments are occurring may be considered cheating and subject to a grade of zero on the assessment.


90-100% A; 80-89% B; 70-79% C; 60-69 D%; 59% & below F
Grades are weighted:
Assessments: Unit Tests, Quizzes, Projects and Final Exam, 85% of total grade;
Homework:  15% of total grade
Be sure to check Power School often.  I update grades regularly.

Homework and Makeup Work

Learning the Algebra 2 concepts and skills will take practice.  Homework serves this purpose.  Assignments are made up of carefully selected problems to practice the skills learned in class and will be an important part of class instruction.  Expect to have homework most days.

Homework from the week will be collected on Thursdays, and one assignment from the week will be graded for accuracy.  Late work is accepted up to the day of the test over that unit for 60% credit.

Makeup work for absences will follow the guidelines in the student handbook.  You get the number of days absent plus one.  Assignments will also be available on our class website.  Missed work and tests due to absences will go into the gradebook as “ABS” which will count as a zero until made up. 

Makeup work for scheduled school events must be turned in before or ON the day of your return.  You are responsible for the assignment due the day you return.

Unless you miss a test review day, you will take the test on the scheduled day.  There are NO test retakes.

There will be a cumulative final at the end of first semester and at the end of second semester.  The Algebra 2 EOC (End of Course Assessment) will happen in April.

PLEASE ask questions and get extra help from me before or after school if you need to. I want you to succeed and will do my best to be available to you. It is best if you pre-arrange this with me…otherwise you run the risk of coming at a time I’m not available!

Class Materials

**LPS MacBook Air charged and ready for access to our online textbook--Big Ideas Math: Algebra 2**

Algebra 2 Access Code--83SK-343E-SAR2

Suggested Graphing Calculators: TI-83+, TI-84, TI-84+, TI-84+C or CE

Scientific Calculator: TI-30X IIS

A notebook/binder/folder designated for Algebra 2 homework, notes and activities

Class Website: