Language of Desire Review

Dirty Words To Make Him Yours - Program by Felicity Keith

What is Language of Desire ?

Language of Desire is new relationship product created by Felicity Keith that teaches women what to do when a man says "Talk Dirty to me".  She tells some secrets that she discovered to really hold the man attention.  

The product shows things like:

- The Secret Method Even The “Nicest” Girl Can Use To Make A Man Sexually Addicted To You Without Even Touching Him . . .

- or 1 Simple Dirty Phrase To Make A Man Shiver With Desire For You

- EXACTLY What To Do When A Man Says “Talk Dirty To Me” . . .

- Say This Secret Dirty Phrase To Make A Man BEG To Be Monogamous . . .

Language of Desire Review - Pros and Cons


- There are not other programs like this to teach woman how to talk dirty to a man.
- The price is totally affordable.

- It has a lot of practical examples.

- Very well organized into 10 different sections.

- The guide comes with a lot of bonus such as:
* The Good Girl's Guide to TEXTING DIRTY
* Unstoppable Confidence


- The  use of strong sexual language in some parts of the guide may be unacceptable and embarrasing for some people.
- The guide is only for women.

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