Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!
An Australian interpretation of the documentary Super Size Me

We acknowledge as an Australian viewing audience,  we impose our own cultural and social context onto the documentaries context. Our cultural and social context are products of attitudes and beliefs

Americans are known to be fat and obese but where does Australia stand?

Yes, Australia and America both have different attitudes and beliefs, but have you ever thought to yourself if Australia is catching up to America in the fattest nation game? If yes then you are correct because according to this website/button it tells you that us Australians are catching up to Americans.

Australians and Americans both have one thing in common that is us being fat. Australians have different attitudes to Americans but is it really different? The worldwide may see Americans being fat, lazy and arrogant but what do they see in us? Skinny hard working people?  I beg to differ. At the end of the day our attitudes are the same when it comes to getting McDonalds', we would gather our mates at the end of a hard working week  and grab some maccas. This statement defeats the whole purpose of us being a healthier nation because as you can see from the facts above that Australia is only behind the United States, Mexico and New Zealand and that is not good enough. The only attitudes that are probably different from America is that our family always comes first and we have a positive view for our ANZAC history.

You name it we love our sport. We love our football (AFL), cricket and soccer. We strongly believe in sport and mateship in our country because of the lifestyle we live in. But does that mean we all do the sport that we well and truly love?  No hardly and of us do this because we'd rather sit in front of the TV and watch the boys play with a beer and fast food, ironic? In the documentery Super Size Me written and produced by Morgan Spurlock outlines that Americans are very fat even obese and lazy. In the documentary Spurlock puts out that Americans on average walk 5000 steps maximum a day, and that's no where near a healthy standard. The question is what's worse walking 5000 steps a day or spending a whole sunday arvo watching the footy on a couch with mates and eating fast food?  

Overall, as an Australian watching the documentary Super Size Me, I was interested and thoughtful. Thoughtful as to how similar we actually to the fattest nation in the world, and not caring to do anything about our weights. As the documentary is set in America doesn't mean that we can sit on our bottoms and just laugh at Americans because they are fat, little do the Australians know so are we. I was also interested in the fact of Americans lifestyle and how different it is to us but when it all comes down to fast food it's really all the same just not as severe.

Laugh at America think twice because we are more similar than you think.