Code Orange

A Language Arts Project By: Kennedy Hamlin

This is where Mitt went to school, St. Raphael's Prep School.

Quotes from Mitty's email


"I just found smallpox scabs form Boston's 1902 epidemic. Would anybody in a Boston medical school like to examine these and also help with my term paper?


"I am a science reporter for the Boston Globe. where did you get these scabs? When can we do an interview? Phone, email, or if you're near Boston, let's met."


> "re: scabs: I am an infectious disease researcher with a collection of material related to epidemics. I would very much like to examine these scabs and possibly purchase them. When and where did you locate them?"

> "I'm the one with the smallpox scabs."

> "I would do anything to get those.

> "I know some sick people, but you're out there, man."

> "I'm a collector. Collectors are nuts. I own the lancet Edward Jennings used when he cut James Phipps's arm open for the first vaccination. It looks like a switchblade made of tortoiseshell. Want to see it?"

> "When did you find the scabs?"

> "Last Sunday I an envelope inside an old medical text"

> "You've been handling them for seven days? You near a major medical center?"
> "I'm in New York. I'm near fifty major medical centers."

> "I'm in New York too. Let's meet so I can get the scabs and you can see my other stuff."


*I think this is the person who kidnapped him. They where soooooooo interested in the scabs and getting there hands on them that they asked him:

1) where he lives

2) if he's handled the scab


3) how long ago he found them.

The person also acted really disparate to get these scabs. He might have been the bioterrorist that kidnapped Mitt and tried to "kill the world"

I didn't write this song but I can imagine Mitty's girlfriend singing the first song to Mitty for his late Valentine's Day present.

(only listen to the first song)

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