President and CEO At North American Drilling Corporation

Growing up among friends and family who worked in the oil and gas industry, and with more than 20 years in the field himself, Larry Koonce has become one of the leading names in the Texas energy sector. From his experience in day-to-day field operations to his current duties as director and president of an independent company, Larry Koonce has succeeded in each of his roles.

In 2006, Larry M. Koonce founded the North American Drilling Corporation (NADC), an oil and natural gas producer with drilling and exploration sites throughout Texas. Since then, he has overseen the company’s growth by relying on both his broad background in the industry and the variety of contacts he has acquired throughout the state. He is a member of the Wildcatters Club and the North Texas Oil & Gas Association.

Prior to starting North American Drilling, Larry M. Koonce served as president of a Plano, Texas-based exploration company, and before that, he was vice president of an oil and gas corporation in Dallas. In these and other roles in the industry, he gained valuable experience in all manner of operations, ranging from oil and gas accounting to investor relations. It is this breadth of experience that Mr. Koonce, a 1990 graduate of Texas Tech University, brings to his administration of the NADC.