Larry Roman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WDF Inc.

About Larry Roman

A savvy businessman who serves in the New York contracting industry, Larry Roman received the Subcontractor of the Year award. With more than 30 years of experience as a plumbing contractor with a focus on public and private projects, Larry Romanhelped transform his small family business into contracting giant GreenStar Services Corporation. The full-service company, formed through a merger of WDF Inc., Nagelbush Mechanical, Inc., and Five Star Electric Corporation, provides environmental, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical contracting services for complex structures. Larry Roman currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of WDF Inc. and as Vice Chairman of GreenStar Services.

A well-regarded executive, Larry Roman has held many leadership roles at WDF Inc. The company originally began as R&C Corporation, a plumbing business founded by his father. Larry Roman sold the company to Jamaica Water in 1988. After reacquiring the business in 1995, now named WDF Inc., he implemented a new restructuring plan and increased sales. In 2000, Larry Roman sold WDF Inc. to Keyspan Energy. After Keystone left the construction business in 2005, Larry Roman once again had the opportunity to take control of R&C, which he renamed WDF Inc. As Chief Executive Officer, Larry Roman has overseen a broad array of prestigious projects at WDF Inc. that have changed the skyline of New York City. They include 7 World Trade Center, a multimillion-dollar plumbing project. WDF also provided all of the plumbing for the Time Warner Center, New York’s largest plumbing contract at $35 million. An experienced executive, Larry Roman holds a solid reputation in the New York construction industry. “The manner in which he conducts his business is very direct, very transparent. He is a wonderful person to do business with. His word is his bond," said Jeff Levine, president of Levine Builders. In a 2005 article in Real Estate Weekly, Donald Trump said, "Larry is a wonderful guy and a great contractor." Larry Roman has been honored with the Silver Shovel Award, the LIFE Builder Award, and a Boy Scout Achievement Award. In addition, Larry Roman gave back $1 million to IEAH stables on a horse they purchased from him but then got injured.

Boy Scouts to Launch New Online Portal

A successful contractor through his company, WDF, Inc., Lawrence Roman lives by his philosophy of giving extra to individuals he meets on a daily basis who have performed exceptional service. This includes tipping an attentive waitress $20 on a $5 dollar check. Aside from this philosophy, Lawrence Roman also gives to charity, including donating regularly to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

BSA announced during the 2016 Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego, California, a novel environmental initiative called Earth Badge ( In collaboration with Mother Nature Network (MNN), BSA developed Earth Badge, which will showcase its exemplary tradition and its exceptional library of outdoor and environmental learnings.

Coupled with innovative, relevant and current content, the program will be available to a wider audience of youth and families throughout the country. The aim is to assist a larger number of families and communities to become more involved in environmental initiatives and outdoor activities.

After a broad review, BSA selected MNN to be its publishing partner. MNN is the largest online network in the world for news and information on social and environmental responsibilities having sites that draw over 10 million visits per month from viewers in more than 200 countries.

The program is planned for launch in the first quarter of 2017.

One World Trade Center A Landmark Contract for WDF Inc.

Larry Roman holds New York City close to his heart, so it's no surprise his construction company was involved in the One World Trade Center build. Larry Roman is CEO of WDF Inc., which has acquired several high-profile contracts in New York over the years, totaling nearly $500 million worth of plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning work.

One World Trade Center is a 104-story building with 3 billion square feet of office space, and is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The skyscraper, also known as Freedom Tower, took eight years to complete, and once finished, came to represent the persevering spirit of New Yorkers.

WDF Inc.'s work in the building included the installation of water and natural gas systems, which was completed in 2013. One World Trade Center now houses several high-profile worldwide companies, as well as numerous broadcasting conglomerates, and advertising firms. Sixty seven percent of its office space is currently being utilized.

An Overview of 2016's Accomplishments in Cancer Research

Based in Westchester County, NY, Lawrence Roman strives to live a life of generosity and personal giving while fulfilling his responsibilities as chairman of WDF, Inc. In addition to organizations including Boy Scouts of America and Hofstra University, Lawrence Roman also dedicates his time and resources to the cause of cancer research.

The year 2016 saw several milestones in the ongoing global effort to cure cancer. During his State of the Union Address on January 12, President Barack Obama announced the launch of the Cancer Moonshot initiative, a multisector cooperative effort to speed the developments of groundbreaking cancer drugs. Vice President Joe Biden helmed the project and, later that year, announced that a diverse selection of organizations would be working together to advance early-stage cancer detection in an initiative known as the Blood Profiling Atlas. The Cancer Moonshot initiative seemed a natural precedent for the 21st Century Cures Act, signed into law on December 13, 2016, which pledged $4.8 billion toward precision oncology research.

In the scientific sector, Bristol-Myers Squibb achieved favorable results in a trial assessing the efficacy of combination checkpoint inhibitors in treating melanoma, while both Tesaro and Clovis demonstrated that PARP inhibitors can often halt the progression of ovarian cancer. In addition, Kite Pharma made significant strides in its efforts to market chimeric antigen T-cells (CAR-T), custom-engineered cells that can eliminate cancer, to the public.

Hofstra Unviersity Carries on Thanksgiving Tradition of Gratitude

An experienced contracting business leader based in Westchester County, NY, Lawrence Roman serves as chairman of WDF, Inc. Outside of his professional activities, Lawrence Roman gives generously to a number of philanthropic causes, including his alma mater, Hofstra University.

Hofstra University’s Jewish community has sparked a philanthropic tradition that is now garnering national attention. A campus custom for over a decade, Hofstra Hillel’s Thanks & Giving Project is a school-wide effort to show gratitude to individuals whose contributions often go unnoticed.

Organized by former Hillel director Rabbi Meir Mitelman and current director Rabbi David Newman, the annual initiative distributes postcards to Hofstra students, faculty, and staff. These individuals then fill their cards with handwritten, personal notes of thanks. Oftentimes, the recipients of these notes are campus staff members in departments such as security or food services, who often do not receive outward expressions of gratitude for their work.

The cards have become treasured mementos for many staff members and have helped establish a culture of community support and appreciation on campus. Over the past 10 years, the Thanks & Giving Project has distributed approximately 8,500 personalized messages of thanks.

National Scouting Museum’s New Home

A senior executive in the construction industry, Lawrence Roman is involved in numerous charitable undertakings. Residing in Westchester County, NY, Lawrence Roman has actively supported the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and is a recipient of the Boy Scouts Achievement Award.

The BSA’s official museum the National Scouting Museum will be moving to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico by 2018. The museum is currently housed next to BSA’s national headquarters in Irving, Texas. A new extension of the Philmont Museum and Seton Memorial Library and Education Center is being built to house the National Scouting Museum.

Spanning 137,000 acres, Philmont Scout Ranch is BSA’s largest High Adventure Base featuring 55 trail camps and 34 staffed camps. With tens of thousands of alumni, volunteers, and campers visiting Philmont every year, the move will enable the official museum to share its vast Scouting artifacts to a greater number of people.

Founded in 1959, the museum collects, preserves, organizes, and displays 600,000 BSA treasures. It is dedicated to preserving and telling the story of the more-than-a-century-old Scouting movement that has positively influenced millions of lives.

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