Larry Stansberry of New Orleans - Caring for the Elder

Larry Stansberry of New Orleans is one of more than twenty thousand people to have completed a special training, and help to establish a new paradigm in caring for Elders. As a Certified Eden Associate, Larry knows that the Eden Alternative is a person-directed approach to care. The Eden Alternative has been focused on changing the culture of care for more than twenty years. It requires the caregiver to not only provide to the immediate mental and physical health care needs of the Elder, but often means taking responsibility for the financial needs, too.

As a Certified Eden Associate, Larry has completed the three days of training in the Eden Alternative principles and practices. By extension, it further promotes the idea that care is a collaborative partnership, and that both the caregiver and care receiver can benefit from that partnership. He is passionate about the care of Elders in the United States, and is a Certified Eden Associate, which advocates an alternative philosophy of Elder care in which Elders are partnered with caregivers in a collaborative relationship, with caregivers and care receivers both playing active roles in the giving and receiving equation.

Caring for an Elder is a demanding thing, as Larry Stansberry of New Orleans knows. Care partner teams have the ability to enhance the well-being of each other by eliminating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. The Eden Alternative asserts that changes in the way we deal with an aging society can only be made one relationship at a time. It was first practiced in nursing homes, but today has extended its reach to many other health care settings, including home care and residential care.

One of the things that appeals to Larry Stansberry of New Orleans is that under the Eden Alternative philosophy, people are seen as always having the ability to grow, no matter what their age and no matter what challenges they may be living with. It can be a full-time job that drains the emotions of just about everyone who is involved. Not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver. However, the new age philosophy has spread around the world, and is now being applied in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan

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