Larry Stansberry New Orleans - Commitment to Residents

Larry Stansberry of New Orleans is the Chief Executive Officer of St. Margaret's at Mercy. He is known as a reliable, dependable and knowledgeable self-starter who has the determination and skills it takes to get things done.

He turned around a flagging St. Margaret's after taking it over in 2001, and faced a far more daunting prospect of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina in 2001. "Our mission is to see that poor people have access to health care," he says. "We want to return it to commerce as a health care community."

After the hurricane destroyed the original site of St. Margaret's, the facility continued providing its services at what was once Bywater Hospital, before finally completing construction at its new site, the old Lindy Boggs Hospital. It was an excruciatingly long wait, from the time of Katrina to the time they moved into the renovated facility, Larry Stansberry of New Orleans recalls. "After eight long years, St. Margaret's had completed its long journey of recovery from Katrina."

He said that St. Margaret's was operating on a scale that was bigger and better than it had been before. "We still value every individual we serve," he said. "Our commitment to our residents is evident in our buildings."

St. Margaret's at Mercy is designed to house 112 people. Most of them will be able to live in a room of their own, and have a private bath. They are organized around communal living spaces, including a kitchen and a dining area, that are meant to create an environment that is more like living in a home than in a nursing facility.

Place that cares

Skilled nursing facilities are extremely important for the well-being of many who suffer from conditions that are too serious to be treated at home by providers. There are certain conditions that are just completely too sensitive for a relative or even an assistant nurse to be able to monitor and treat when conditions are extreme. It is important to make sure that a facility which treats individuals with extreme special needs to have all the necessary equipment and the properly trained professional staffing at hand. Many people at skilled nursing facilities are patients that have conditions so extreme that modern equipment is necessary. These facilities are inspected and certified for the urgent care of those that need it. Conditions can vary and the staffing is extremely important for being able to diligently provide the kind of help needed as they are properly trained through various medical schools and programs.

In most cases with the facilities, there are people who have conditions such as severe heart and respiratory cases. Most of these types of cases are so extreme they need to have artificial assistance through medical equipment and need to constantly be monitored by a skilled technician. There are also people who suffer from muscular degeneration and neurodegeneration conditions as well. One of the most devastating forms of these conditions would be ALS commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans, has been supporting the localized program for former New Orleans pro football player Steve Gleason. The program is called Gleason House and proceeds always go to research for medical equipment and a cure.

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