Rosa Parks

By: Hillary Jimenez

Rosa Parks was born February 4, 1913.  Rosa was a Civil Right activist. She refused to surrender her seat on the bus. She said " People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired... the only tired I was was of giving in". But because of that the Montgomery bus Boycott started. Rosa Parks fought for equal rights. She was a leader to many people.  Rosa also wrote an autobiography about her life. She was also awarded the congressional gold medal & the presidential medal of freedom. Rosa parks died October 24, 2005.

I think Rosa Parks was an amazing person. She was a leader to many. Rosa fought for equal rights and not just for her but for the other people who were treated unfair. Rosa was also a brave person because she risked getting arrested for standing up for her rights. She was also a determined person . She didn't just stop at the Montgomery Bus Boycott she kept fighting for equal rights. That's why I think Rosa Parks was such an amazing person in history.

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