A Guide For Las Vegas Colocation

While most companies host their data infrastructure in a colocation data center facility, some may not be aware of the benefits and considerations for hosting their servers in the Las Vegas metro area.

Why Las Vegas is a Great Place for Data Center Colocation?

Las Vegas is known as the adult entertainment capital of the world, but to prospective data center colocation customers it’s known as a great place to host your data infrastructure.

While there are many areas that would be a great place for colocation, one thing that sets Las Vegas apart is the disaster safe geography. You don’t hear of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or severe storms occurring in Las Vegas like you do in other areas around the US.

Another appealing reason to select Las Vegas for colocation is the accessibility. Most decent sized airports have flights directly to Las Vegas, and it’s a straight shot to the freeway from the airport. And when you’re done working on your servers, no matter how late you can always find something to do, eat a tasty meal or enjoy the amenities of decadent hotels at affordable prices.

Data Centers in Las Vegas benefit from the abundant Internet connectivity passing through the city on route for Los Angeles. While Los Angeles is on the cross-path for connectivity between Asia, North and South America, Las Vegas is just one small hop away.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Las Vegas for Colocation

While Las Vegas has a lot of great things going for it, there are a few things that set it back from a data center perspective.

The three most important functions of a data center are to provide power, connectivity and cooling to your hardware in a secure environment. With mid to high power costs, pricing for colocation will be a more than if you were to host in a bordering state like Utah but still less than if you were to host in California. Also, it’s incredibly hot in Las Vegas pushing typical operational costs higher than normal to cool the facility. If Las Vegas were a cool-desert climate like Salt Lake City you could operate with higher efficiency because you could cool the facility with outside air most months of the year.

Why Should You Consider Las Vegas Over Los Angeles or Salt Lake City for Colocation?

The server hugger mentality will keep many businesses located in Las Vegas also hosting their infrastructure as well. It’s a disaster safe geography and while the heat and power costs make data centers less price competitive it’s a great place to put your servers.

Salt Lake City is less expensive and also located in a disaster safe geography and comparable in population to Las Vegas. Lost Angeles will be more expensive but will have better connectivity options. For some people who dislike adult entertainment, there really isn’t a lot to do in Las Vegas.

Best alternatives to Las Vegas Colocation

If you’re looking for alternatives to Las Vegas colocation then you might want to consider places like Phoenix, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco or Portland. Of those mentioned, the most disaster safe are Phoenix and Salt Lake City. And only Salt Lake City offers a comparable but lower cost, disaster safe colocation.