1/28/15        Agree or disagree?

Is being loyal to your family important? Some people would agree to this cause it's family no matter what, and others would disagree because it doesn't matter if they're family or not. In my opinion I disagree. It's not because I don't care that they are family they're my family no matter what we come from the same family tree. I got a lot of family members, some I don't even know or remember. I'd say that I would only be loyal to MY family, you know the two people who interacted to make me who I am today. On the other hand my family as in relatives I would not put in as much loyalty as I would with MY family. Reasons cause some I barely know I mean I'll see them here and there at family parties/gatherings but I really don't know them. But I'd say that if I know your most deepest darkest secret that you've personally came up to me and maybe even cried, if we shared our secrets with each other, laughs, tears, fears, anger, or trust then I consider that MY family you become apart of my family slowly, cause family to me is being open and trusting one another and always having eachothers back. Even if family, some can't be trusted proven facts.

Should every one follow the laws? In my opinion I believe that following the law should be aquired. Now I don't agree that all the laws are reasonable and should be followed but staying out of trouble is better than being in deep trouble with the law. But I do believe most of the laws should be followed through. Example, driving while intoxicated you should be caught and charged because putting the danger in other people's life's is very dangerous and could scar the person or the persons family forever if the victim was tragedy killed. Another rape shouldn't happen to anyone nor should the person raping people be okay. That I feel like you should go to jail for life because it is illegal to rape and it's traumatizing to the victim and could also transfer sexual transmitted diseases. There are so much more laws that should be followed but frankly there is just too much to explain why. Remember fellow humans, always follow the rules and stay out of trouble even if some don't sound reasonable.

Finally do you believe that our lives are fated to play out in certain ways? Now not all of us were born to be super stars. Sure having the spotlight life and eternal money and being  amazingly attractive is great. But not everyone is set to have that life. We all start somewhere small and slowly and frustrating making our way to the top, some can relate to each other cause some may have the same fears, frustration, dreams, and goals as one another. Start from the same path but end up at different places. And the much more effort you put into your work the more worth it will be in the end.