End Of The Year Project

persuasive essay

The world is full f different people, among those people are good people that give inspiration to others and pose as good role models for the young infants. Other people however, cause trouble and suffering to other innocent people. They are the ones your mother tells you to stay away from. These people are filled with anger, envy, obsession, and no remorse. consequently our world is full of bad people. its quite rare when you meet some one with a pure heart. and its quite sad that the good people end up getting hurt and turn bad on the world just so that they wont get hurt anymore. having good people brings many good things to our world and it influences others to be good. if we become good ourselves then there will finally be peace in our world. we would get many things done and find ways to agree with each other. the world is small, you will never know who you will meet. you could meet the most nicest person or you could meet the worst person in the world. so what would you want to do? be the one people go to when their sad or be isolated and alone because no one wants to be around you. in the end its all your choice, you can choose to be a good person or you could chose to be a horrible person.


Alma Gabriela Munoz


23648 Sarah toga



my objective is to provide my service to the community and help future generations and accomplish my goals


Lorenzo loya (2004-2005)

Alarcon elementary (2006-2012)

Garcia Enriquez middle school (203-2014)

sun ridge middle school (2013-014)

pebble hills highs school (2014-2018)


finished elementary and middle school


reading, organizing, listening, writing, observing.

letter of recommendation

to whom it may concern, it is my greatest pleasure writing this letter of recommendation  for Mr. Michel Daniel Gardea. I have had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Gardeas musical development throughout the years, I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with a high level of integrity. as such , I expect that he will be a very positive addition in your organization. as chief administrative of NOAA, I feel that I know Mr. Gardea quite well. He began working part time as a sales assistant at Goodwill's feed department while he was still an undergraduate. in this role, he had a considerable amount of responsibilities, and he handled them effortlessly. he showed his skills to communicate with both customers an the sales staff. due to his dedication and attention to detail, the company he was working for increased in sales. At the same time Mr. Gardea was writing music and would show his musical talent to friends and family. I was impressed on how he could handle all his responsibilities and still follow his dream in becoming a musician. the creation of his music would bring happiness and plenty of people have hired him to play his music on weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Mr. Gardea can go far with his music carrier, and seeing on how determined he is he will go far. based on my observations he clearly has the ability to achieve success. I therefore highly recommend him to your program with out reservation. I sincerely hope that you give his application favorable consideration. if you need any further information about Michel Gardea please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alma Muñoz, chief administrative, NOAA

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