Late Night Grilled Cheese: The PPB

Making your insomnia tastier. One sammich at a time

Nothing in life is better than a grilled cheese sandwich. The delicious mix of melted cheese that lives between two toasted pieces of bread has the power to quell life’s most difficult challenges. Did your boss yell at you this week? Forget about it. Make a grilled cheese. Going through a bad breakup? No big deal–grilled cheese is much better than your deadbeat boyfriend, anyway.

The best way to wind down from a long week, and perhaps a late night out with coworkers, is relishing in the pure beauty of a grilled cheese sandwich. And late night cravings call for salty, melty insanity.

The PPB (Potato Chip, Pickle, and Bacon) Grilled Cheese

The potato chip, pickle, and bacon grilled cheese is wonderful because it requires minimal preparation and tastes absolutely delicious. Additionally, the ingredients are inexpensive and found in most households.

Make it in 5 easy steps:

  1. Since bacon takes longer to cook than the sandwich itself, start there. You’ll have the added bonus of having a kitchen that smells like bacon.
  2. Layer two pieces of bread with pepper jack cheese (make sure the bread is thin enough to allow the cheese to melt).
  3. Top the cheese with chips, pickles, and a few slices of bacon. Combine bread and brush each side with melted butter.
  4. Grill that bad boy until—you guessed it—golden brown.
  5. Finally, enjoy the PPB with a side of hot sauce!