Simon bolivar

Simon bolivar was born in July 24, 1783 in Caracas. Simon bolivar was a military leader. Most Spanish Americans wanted him to be their king. But other people seen him as traitor and wanted to assassinate him. Simon bolivar Joined a revolutionary group that expelled the Spanish governorfrom. Simon bolivar let 5 Latin American county's to independence against Spain and he was also a statesman.

Napoleon Bonaparte and the napoleonic

In the Venezuela war of independence Latin America fought against the Spanish empire. Napoleon conquered spain and In 1811 they declared independence. Napoleon put his brother on the Spanish throne and Venezuela did not except him ruling. Simon bolivar led them to declare independence and their fight was in the napoleonic wars.  During the napoleonic war Venezuela was trying to gain independence and retake Venezuela. Napoleon was leading the opposing side.


On December 17 Colombia was declared an independent country then when Venezuela separated and became a sovereign country. In 1829 to become an independent state under José Antonio Páez. Caracas Junta called for a congress of Venezuelan provinces to establish a government for the region. Initially both the Junta and Congress upheld the "rights of Ferdinand VII," meaning that they recognized themselves to still be part of the Spanish Monarchy, but had established a separate government due to the French invasion of Peninsula. The peopleThe people revolted against Spain and started to speak up for them selfs. Bolivar led them into the revolution to get their freedom from Spain. Bolívar achieved victory, however, in 1821 after he defeated Spanish forces at Carabobo, which earned him a reputation as one of South America's most famous liberators.

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