Welcome to Latin II

Salvete!  Mihi nomen est...

Take a moment to introduce yourself to your neighbors in Latin, and then Magistra will introduce herself to you and tell you about the Latin program at Westlake High School.


1. Start your homework while I take attendance. (See How To)

2. PLEASE gesture wildly & respond distinctively when I call your name to help me remember your face & name faster. Also please accept my sincere apologies if I mispronounce your name. Correct me. I really do want to get it right.

How To: For your 1st assignment, click on the button below if you are able to follow along.  If you are not in tackk with me, then type this url into your browser:


Magistra Cannon's Website

Most tabs have sub-pages except Return to WHS page.  To access the sub-pages from your iPad, tap the Tab then tap the Page you want.

My website is not updated as often or as easily as Google Classroom, but it has a lot of resources and useful information on it - so it is worth visiting.


Google Classroom is our Learning Management System

Hopefully you are already with it, but do not worry if you need some help. 

A little intro to what life was like...

Thanks for a great 1st Day of School!!

The 2nd Day of School


Dicite iterum:
"Salve, mihi nomen est..."

Et: Add "quid agis hodie?" to make it a real conversation.
              - ago bene :) -or- optime :) :) :)
              - ago male :( -or- pessime :( :( :(
              - ago non male/satis bene

And now, a Greeting Kahoot

Please get your device ready and go to kahoot.it, and then I will give you the game pin.

How do we know?

Next up are a couple of historical videos, mostly for fun

Here is a fairly short, very informative, and well done videos from the Ted-Ed Series centered around the lives of youths, roughly your age.

Speaking of fun...

Latin Club!

This video won 1st place at Nationals in 2015 for promoting the NJCL.

WHS has a vibrant, award-winning Latin Club.  Your $20 dues cover membership in the local JCL chapter, the Texas State JCL, and the National JCL, as well as the cost of the National Latin Exam and membership in the National Latin Honor Society if you can maintain an 89.5 average.  The only thing you must do is pay your dues!    

Latin Club gives students leadership opportunities & the chance to participate in activities such as: club banquet, service projects, movie nights, Certamen, Area F competition (at Anderson HS in town), State Convention (April 13-14 at Naaman Forest HS in Garland, TX), and National Convention (July 23-28, 2018 at Miami University in Ohio), Certamen, competitions sponsored by the JCL aside from conventions, etc.  

Got talent?   Bring it to Latin Club! 

Every Latin student is highly encouraged to join and participate in the Junior Classical League, but membership is voluntary.  Only JCL members may run for office or participate in evens, competitions, national exams, and NLHS. 

For more information, just ask!

And now, a Review-ish Kahoot

Please get your device ready and go to kahoot.it, and then I will give you the game pin.


Hope you enjoyed the Kahoot! We will play these often.


Find the nearest restroom & water fountain!

The 3rd Day

Today, we will go over the Roman Alphabet & How to Pronounce Latin correctly.


Find an alternate route to class.

4th Day of School

Homework Submission

Be ready with your iPad on the desk, powered up, & connected to EPAWN wifi.

Download GOOGLE CLASSROOM from Self-Service (if you have not yet).

Listen carefully, follow instructions, and please be patient.

If you have a problem or miss a step, raise your hand for help.

How do we learn a language?

Why learn a language?



Make a short video of a family member (or non-Latin friend, babysitter, neighbor, etc.) that you have taught to say "Hi, my name is ___" in Latin. Video content- Say "hi" and introduce yourself, then let your family member do the same. It should be short, easy to hear, and nothing fancy required. Use your iPad to make the video, and then we will submit it from your device when you come to class on Friday.

5th Day of School

Furniture Pilot:

1. Give Magistra Cannon some feedback on the new furniture.

2. Sketch out at least 1 complete re-do of the room design with the new furniture.

3. Share your sketches & ideas with your seat-mates.

4. Share your seat-mate group's best idea(s) with the class.


Go over the Stages 1-5 Vocabulary Lists over the weekend.  Complete the lists if you do not have them done already, & start working on (re)memorizing the words with their Latin forms.