Stages 11-15
Emily Gardner
Animal Kingdom

convenit- convenio, convenire, conveni, conventus (to come together) {Pic. zebras coming together at watering hole}

credit- credo, credere, credidi, creditus (to trust) {Pic. Zebra trusting Lion not to attack it}

de +abl (down from) {Pic. Leopard coming down from a tree}

elephant supporting man

favet- faveo, favere, favi, faustus (to support) {Pic. Elephant supporting the man}

gens- gentis f (a family) {Pic. family of lions}

invitat- invito, invitare, invitavi, invitatus (to invite) {Pic. Polar bear "inviting" someone by waving them over}

legit- lego, legere, legi, lectus (to read) {Pic. cat is reading}

liberalis- liberalis, liberale (generous) {Pic. larger monkey generously giving food to smaller monkey}

minime- (no!) {Pic. gif is of cat saying no}

murus- muri m (a wall) {Pic. sea cow running into wall}

noster- nostra, nostrum (our) {Pic. Owl is being protective of chicks.  "Don't touch them they are our's."}

nunc (now) {Pic. the dog looked like that before but NOW it looks like this}

placet- placeo, placere, placui, plactus (please) {Pic. birds pleading for food}

primus- prima, primum (first) {Pic. horse number 4 is first in the race}

promittit- promitto, promittere, promisi, promissus (to promise) {Pic. elephants look like they are pinky swearing}

pugna- pugnae f (a fight) {Pic. animals fighting}

rapit- rapio, rapere, rapui, raptus (to seize) {Pic. money is seizing the rope}

secundus- secunda, secundum (second) {Pic. Grey Hound number 2 is second}

senator- senatoris m (a senator) {Pic. dog is holding object used in court }

sollicitus- sollicita, sollicitum (worried) {Pic. worried pug}

stultus- stulta, stultum (stupid) {Pic. the penguin is being stupid}

tertius- tertia, tertium (third) {Pic. the darker horse is third in the race}

utilis- utilis, utile (useful) {Pic. the chimpanzee is using a useful tool}

vale- (good bye) {Pic. the panda is waving good bye}

verberat- verbero, verberare, verberavi, verberatus (to beat) {Pic. monkey is beating the ground}

vir- viri m (a man) {Pic. dog is with a man}

amittit- amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus (to lose) {Pic. dog lost his legs}

cinis- cineris m (ash) {Pic. sheep are covered in ash}

complet- compleo, complere, complevi, completus (to fill) {Pic. rabbits are filling the teacups}

custodit- custodio, custodire, custodivi, custoditus (to guard) {Pic. Donkey protects the sheep}

densus- densa, densum (thick) {Pic. Tiger in thick brush}

epistula- epistulae f (a letter) {Pic. dog is reading a letter}

flamma- flammae f (a flame) {Pic. deer is near a fire}

fortiter- (bravely) {Pic. cat bravely sitting on ledge}

frustra- (in vain) {Pic. hare is trying IN VAIN to flee}

fugit- fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus (to run away) {Pic. gazelle is running away}

fundus- fundi m (a farm) {Pic. cows are on a farm}

iacet- iaceo, iacere, iacui, iacitus (to lie) {Pic. one of the dogs is guilty and is lying}

iam- (already) {Pic. cougar is ALREADY poncing}

igitur- therefore {Pic. animals think THEREFORE they are}

incidit- incido, incidere, incidi, incisus (to fall) {Pic. monkey falling from tree}

mirabilis- mirabilis, mirabile (marvelous) {Pic. the peacock's feathers are mavelous}

mittit- mitto, mittere, misi, missus (to send) {Pic. dog is being sent away}

mons- montis m (a mountain) {Pic. mountain goat on a mountain}

nubes- nubis f (a cloud) {Pic. bird flying in the clouds}

optime- (very well) {Pic. horse can't stand VERY WELL}

paene- (nearly) {Pic. the monkey NEARLY made it across}

sentit- sentio, sentire, sensi, sensus (to feel) derv. sentient {Pic. killer whales are able to feel}

tandem- (at last) {Pic. AT LAST the turtle finished the race}

templum- templi n (a temple) {Pic. birds near a temple}

terra- terrae f (land/ground) derv. terrestrial {Pic. mole in the ground}

timet- timeo, timere, timui (to be afraid) {Pic. scared cat}

advenire- advenio, advenire, adveni, adventus (to arrive) {Pic. cat is arriving at the vet}

aedificium- aedificii n (a building) {Pic. birds on a building}

aeger- aegra, aegrum (sick) {Pic. sick dog}

alter- atlera, alterum (another) {Pic. there is ANOTHER fox}

cantare- canto, cantare, cantavi, cantatus (to sing) {Pic. bird singing}

ceteri- ceterae, cetera (the rest) {Pic. some wildebeest are away from the REST of the heard}

coniuratio- coniurationis f (a plot) {Pic. otter looks like he plotting something}

custos- custodis m (a guard) derv. custodian {Pic. prairie dog is a guard for that hole}

decidere- decido, decidere, decidi, decisus (to fall down) {Pic. penguin fell down}

dicere- dico, dicere, dixi, dictus (to say) {Pic. parrot is saying something}

excitare- excito, excitare, excitavi, excitatus (to wake up) {Pic. hedgehog is waking up}

fessus- fessa, fessum (tired) {Pic. lion is tired}

horreum- horrei n (a barn) {Pic. horses in front of barn}

interficere- interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectus (to kill) {Pic. cheetah killed its prey}

ita vero- (yes) {Pic. cat saying yes}

nolle- nolo, nolle, nolui (to refuse) {Pic. dog refusing to go}

novus- nova, novum (new) {Pic. new life}

nullus- nulla, nullum (no, not any) {Pic. dog without any food}

numerare- numero, numerare, numeravi, numeratus (to count) {Pic. cat is counting}

ordo- ordinis m (a row) {Pic. ducks in a row}

posse- possum, posse, potui (to be able) {Pic. cat is able to jump across}

retinere- retineo, retinere, retinui, retentus ( to keep) {Pic. people are going to keep the cat}

ruere- ruo, ruere, rui, rutus (to rush) {Pic. dog is rushing}

se- (himself/herself/themseves) {Pic. picture of a herself and a himself}

esse- sum, esse, fui, futurus (to be) {Pic. to bee or not to bee}

trahere- traho, trahere, traxi, tractus ( to drag) {Pic. tiger dragging cub}

vita- vitae f (a life) {Pic. life itself}

velle- volo, veller, volui (to want) {Pic. dog wants the food}

vulnerare- vulnero, vulnerare, vulneravi, vulneratus (to wound) {Pic. leopard wounding crocodile}

aliquid- (something) {Pic. the bear has something}

apud- (among) {Pic. wolf among sheep}

attonitus- attonita, attonitus (astonished) {Pic. cub looks astonished}

aula- aulae f (a palace) {Pic. cat is in its own palace}

cotidie- (everyday) {Pic. the sunsets everyday}

decorus- decora, decorus (right/proper) {Pic. leopards are very graceful and proper}

delere- deleo, delere, delevi, deletus (to destroy) {Pic. dog destroying furniture}}

deus- dei m (a god) {Pic. a cat god}

difficilis- difficilis, difficile (difficult) {Pic. octopus has the difficult task of getting out}

diligenter- (carefully) derv. diligently {Pic. Polar bear has to walk carefully}

domina- dominae f (a mistress) {Pic. lioness is a mistress}

donum- doni n (a gift) {Pic. puppy as gift}

familiaris- familiaris m (a relative) {Pic. all are relatives of each other}

fidelis- fidelis, fidele (loyal) {Pic. dogs are loyal}

ipse- ipsa, ipsum (himself/herself/itself) {Pic. there is a bird who wants the food for HIMSELF}

iste- ista, istud (that (not usually physical)) {Pic. "That is a good idea!"}

lavare- lavo, lavare, lavi, lavatus (to wash) {Pic. dog is being washed}

maritus- maritim (a husband) {Pic. husband owl}

necesse- necessary {Pic. baths are necessary}

nobilis- nobilis, nobile (noble) {Pic. cat has crown like a noble}

num- (surely...not?) {Pic. "Surely I am not stuck"}

quam- (how, than) {Pic. the monkey has more hair than others}

quamquam- (although) {Pic. "Although on second thought..."}

-que- (and) {Pic. The tiger cub is cute AND fierce}

rex- regis m (a king) {Pic. lions considered king of animal kingdom}

HIde and Seek

ubi- (where) {Pic. "Where did they go?"}

alius- alia, aliud (else, other) {Pic. the OTHERbobcat}

aqua- aquae f (the water) {Pic. tiger covered in water}

claudere- claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus (to shut) {Pic. cat is shutting the box}

commodus- commoda, commodum (conveniet) {Pic. the penguins found a convenient source of water}

debere- debeo, debere, debui, debitus (to owe) {Pic. dog owes money}

effigies- effigiei f (a statue/image) {Pic. birds on statue}

equus- equi m (a horse) {Pic. horses}

etiam- (even, also) {Pic. the platypus is a mammal and ALSO lays eggs}

fractus- fracta, fractum (broken) {Pic. dog has broken leg}

impedire- impedio, impedivi, impeditus (to hinder) {Pic. baby is hindering the mother}

lectus- laeta, laetum (happy) {Pic. red panda appears to be happy}

lente- (slowly) derv. lethargic {Pic. a slow three-toed sloth}

mare- maris n (the sea) {Pic. shark in the sea}

miser- misera, miserum (sad) {Pic. sad dog}

nauta- nautae m (sailor) {Pic. tiger with sailor}

plaustrum- plaustri n (a cart) {Pic. ox pulling a cart}

princeps- principis m (a chief) {Pic. the alpha is like the chief of the pack}

redire- redeo, redire, redii, reditus (to return) {Pic. dog returning home}

sacerdos- sacerdotis m ( a priest) {Pic. a priest with animal}

saxum- saxi n (a rock) {Pic. seal is on a rock}

tenere- teneo, tenere, tenui, tentus (to hold) {Pic. woman holding a lamb}

unda- undae f (a wave) {Pic. dolphins in a wave}

vincere- vinco, vincere, vici, victus (to win) {Pic. dog wearing medal because it won}

qui- quae, quod (who, which) (Pic. owl's noise is whoo)

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