The Laundry Sucker

By Jolena Y.

Imagine, you put your dirty clothes from a few months ago into the washer. The 60 mintute timer starts and you decide to go out for a shopping day. But before you know it, time gets away from you. One hour, two hour, three hours. You come home and run up to the laundry and a stench slaps you in the face. Your clothes had been sitting in their own filth for the past day. This is a problem with todays society. Too many clothes are being abused and left behind. You wash your clothes to have them be clean but when they are left behind, they go back to where they first left off.

     With the laundry sucker no more clothes will be left behind. Clean clothes will be everlasting! The laundry sucker is a washing machine and dryer connected with a large enough height to suck all the clothes yet small in width to make it almost invisible. The way it works is when the clothes are done being washed a small side door opens that leads to the dryer. Then the dryer sucks all the clothes into the dryer and the door completely shuts, making it able for the clothes to be dried. This machine comes in four colors, white, silver, cream and black. If there are any other colors or specific patterns you would like you can call the company  and make a request. Special offers cost 50.00 US dollars more. Shipping usually take 1-5 days for USA and 1-2 weeks for international. Kids are always tortured with laundry to do and having to walk back and forth to change between the washer and dryer. Also, if you have clothes that need air dried, you can sign up to get a notification for when the washer is done. The laundry sucker can change the world and it only costs 1,600 US dollars.

Customers after they use the Laundry Sucker?