Laura Murphy St Charles IL - A new relationship with her daughters

Once Laura Murphy of St. Charles, IL became an RN, her life with her daughters became more complete. With a new career ahead of her in a field that she loved, her relationship with her two daughters flourished.

“It was hard for my girls when I was going to school and working full time while also trying to be a mom that was involved in as many activities as possible. There were many times when I studied all night long, then had to switch into parenting and work mode in the morning. I know that there were times when I was just exhausted and my daughters had to do more than kids their age should, but I think my decision to follow this path really paid off,” said Laura Murphy.

Once Laura Murphy received her nursing degree and began working at St. Charles General Hospital as an RN, she was much more focused on her daughters. “They were a bit older, and we had more opportunities to really bond. They both became interested in two of my true passions—gardening and running. I finally had time to work in the garden with both of them and they even asked to start going with me on my runs. We were a real trio, and it was so great to spend that time together,” said Laura Murphy of St. Charles, IL.

“I really hope that I have taught my daughters that hard work truly pays off. They have seen me working hard their whole lives and I hope that I have passed on my work ethic to them,” said Laura Murphy.

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