Laura Murphy St Charles IL

Laura Murphy St Charles IL: The Arcada Theater

Laura Murphy of St Charles IL moved with her family from Garden City, Kansas to St Charles when she was still a child. She grew up in her new town and is a graduate of St Charles High School. While admitting that she has a lifelong fantasy of moving to Europe and living there, she says she doesn't expect that will ever happen, is perfectly content to live her life in St Charles.

"I love this town," she says. "For me, it is perfect. Not too big, not too small. Chicago is right nearby if I have the need for big city amenities." But there is a lot to do in St Charles, too, and she enjoys taking visitors from out of town to some of the city's attractions.

Laura Murphy of St Charles IL says that when her late parents used to come to town she enjoyed taking them to the Arcada Theater, a classic, old-fashioned theatre that still presents top-name bands and live theatre events. "My dad loved the Arcada for its pipe organ," she says. The theater has a vintage pipe organ and used to have an organ night. Various organists would perform on it, and it was a popular weekend afternoon attraction for many years. There is also an annual Christmas Carole event at the Arcada Theater, complete with audience participation. "My dad and mom both loved that a lot," she says.

Another attraction she likes to show off is the Fine Line Creative Arts Center, one of only a few regional art centers in the United States. Internationally known artists have displayed their work there, and have also led a variety of workshops.

Finally, Laura Murphy of St Charles IL enjoys taking visitors to the Kane County Flea Market. Antiques, collectibles, and just about anything else might be found there on a Saturday morning, and it has proven to be a real favorite for her guests over the years.

The Benefits of Running

Laura Murphy of St Charles IL is a registered nurse and a former technical writer. She is also a single mother of two daughters, an organic gardener, and an advocate of telecommuting as a viable and sensible solution for many IT workers who are sick of rush hour traffic jams and want a greener way to do their jobs.

She is also a health enthusiast who enjoys running as a way of staying in shape. She rises early three days a week to run five miles before she even has breakfast. "A small glass of a protein drink I put together, and I'm out the door ready to run," she says.

As a registered nurse, Laura Murphy of St Charles IL knows that there are many health benefits to running. She says that it benefits almost every part of the body, and can even have a positive psychological effect. "Running all those miles really helps to relieve stress," she says. "And make no mistake, stress is a serious matter. It can lead to many health and mood problems. But running forces the body to exert excess energy and hormones. And you know what else? Just a few minutes of running, and the brain starts to secrete hormones that naturally improve your mood. Need I go on?"

Without waiting for an answer, Laura Murphy of St Charles IL continues. "Running, I think, is one of the best ways to keep off that excess weight. Next to cross country skiing, it is the best way of burning calories per minute."

And these, concludes Laura Murphy of St Charles IL, are only a few of the many benefits that running has for the body.

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