Laurel Panser

Laurel Panser - Long and Distinguished Career in Education

With extensive experience as a Minnesota college professor, Laurel Panser has taught diverse subjects, ranging from statistical methods to philosophy. She instructed courses on developmental psychology and ethics at Riverland Community College, and child and adolescent psychology at Dakota County Technical College. Laurel Panser also taught geography at South Central College. She received positive feedback from many students in courses she has taught over the years.

As a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota in 2007, Ms. Panser spoke on “Collective Farming in East Germany During the Cold War & Post Reunification.” The following year, Ms. Panser travelled to Morocco on a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship and participated in a program focused on “The Delicate Balance between Traditional Identity and Modernity.” A group account of the program can be viewed at Laurel Panser presented a paper on “Mud Villages and Medinas in 21st Century Morocco” at Macalester College in 2008, and she makes teaching materials on the Moroccan medinas (or old cities) available at