Laurence Dallaserra

Designer and Alternative Medicine Advocate

About Laurence Dallaserra

A student of Heatherley’s School of Art,of Chelsea College and of Central Saint Martin’s College in London, England, Laurence Dallaserra presently renovates houses and flats throughout France and the United Kingdom as an independent interior designer. In addition to transforming the residences of existing clients, she also purchases homes and fixes them up for future sale. Outside of the office, Laurence Dallaserra is an organic gardener and a passionate advocate of positive thinking and alternative methods of healing. She recently purchased a house in the south of France, where she grows a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables.

To further the future of natural and alternative medicine, Laurence Dallaserra actively supports the ongoing efforts of Alliance of Natural Health an association based in England that has the goal to protect the natural medicines and fight hard against the pharmaceutical companies' lobbies.

Currently Laurence has started a series of painting from her property in Provence

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