Lauren Taylor


For my Mesopotamia tackk, i chose to do my research on organized religion, the system of writing, and their achievements. I will use these examples to prove how Mesopotamian life was advanced.


One reason that Mesopotamia was advanced, was because of its religion. They believed in polytheism. Polytheism is the worship of many gods. The people of Mesopotamia had a list of laws that they had to follow. Because the people were polytheistic, the people thought that if you broke one of these laws, that the gods would punish them in some way. Although not all of the Mesopotamian beliefs still have an influence on the modern world, some of their beliefs do. Much biblical mythology that is today found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam could have been based on early Mesopotamian beliefs and their myths.  


Another reason that Mesopotamia was advanced, was because of its system of writing. They created the system of writing so that they could record information and communicate with each other. At first, the writing was just pictures and signs, but, over time, the writing developed into a system called cuneiform. Cuneiform was the earliest system of writing to ever be developed. It was believed to have been developed around the time of 3500 B.C. Scribes were very important people. They were trained to read and write in cuneiform. Without scribes, a lot of very important thing would not have been sent, read, and even stories would be told and then forgotten. Their laws, for example, would not have been able to be invented without the system of writing, and some of the laws the the Mesopotamian people followed we use in today's government.


The Mesopotamian people had very many achievements. One for example, was the invention of the wheel. Without the wheel we would not have many of the things that we have today (cars, planes, jets, trains, etc.) . Also, the had advanced trade. If they could not trade they would not have had all of the resources that they needed. They were the first civilization, without them we would still probably not have learned many of the things that we now know. Also, they invented the world fist irrigation systems. Irrigation systems are systems of canals and dikes used to control water. They also invented medicine. But,  I believe that the most important one of them all, is the system of writing. Without the system of writing we would not be able to communicate. We also would not be able to keep track of their supplies and resources. This, I believe, is a very important reason to prove that civilization in Mesopotamia was advanced.