Shocking Revelations in Laut Aao Trisha

Ever since its inception, Life OK has been successful in delivering novel and never-seen-before kind of content on Indian television. With successful shows like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Gustakh Dil, the newly launched show Laut Aao Trisha (LAT) has gained quite popularity.

LAT is believed to be an adaptation of a Spanish serial 'Donde esta Elisa'. This show is bold and daring if compared to the regular content we are used to watch on Indian television. However, the novelty of the show has become its USP. The viewers are hooked to the twists and revelations shown in this serial.

When the viewers were all laid back about the fact that all cards are now out in the open, a new card is turned over leaving them in a state of shock. Till now it is shown that Trisha is gone missing and her parents Pratik and Amrita Swaika aren't leaving a single stone unturned to find her.

The case is been handled by ACP officer Kabir, who is known for his arrogant streak. With each passing day, the case is making new revelations, indicating the entire Swaika family’s connection with Trisha’s missing in some or the other form.

Last week saw Kabir and his junior reach a deserted bungalow in Lonavala where Trisha and her Captor stayed. They fail to reach the captor, but they are now definite that Trisha is alive and the captor is some middle-aged man. However, this incident has made Kabir realize that he is overlooking some very important aspect. Kabir has planned to step by step retrace all the happenings ever since Trisha's kidnap.

He will finally reach a highly disturbing conclusion that Trisha knows her Captor. However, the million dollar question post this incident will be if Trisha has willingly gone along with the man, who everybody feels is the kidnapper or is it just that Trisha knows the man who kidnapped her but has been held captive against her wish.

To know more, stay tuned to Life OK, enjoy Laut Aao Trisha Monday to Friday at 10pm.